I:Heart:Faces - Autumn

... because Autumn holds
a special place in my heart,
and always will ...

... and because the memory of
balancing on top of a light pole base
in 50-something weather,
and taking a picture with one hand,
and holding on with the other,
and leaning way out,
into the crispy leaves of the tree,
and thinking about sailing,
reminds me of my childhood ...
and most likely -
always will.

I love you, Autumn.

~ Jean Marie~

(Anna's amazing entry)


  1. Love love! You look stunning dearest :]

  2. Autumn camouflage!

    Such beauty.

    {{* *}}

  3. I love YOU, Sweet Jean Marie. God is good and God is faithful; this we can know.

  4. What a sweet gorgeous redhead. :) And what a gift from God to all of those who love her. <3


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