Miss. Maili Ailsa -

Today is Maili's 11th birthday!! :) 

If you don't know Maili, she is the .... 6th in the line of Sprouls. :) She is the most joyfully contagious (which is saying a lot, since they all are), hysterical, laughter-filled, easily prompted into silliness, loving sugar, best little hug giver and sweetheart.  

In short - I love her. And we get along a little toooo well. Apparently being a babysitter for years makes you sometimes not the best person to lighten up a mood in the middle of a huge room of adults. Because adults don't always understand hysterical laughter over nothing. Hahahaahaha!!

She is one of the few people that run pell-mell at me wherever she sees me and screams "JEEEEEAAAAAANNNN!!!" and jumps into my arms for a hug. She really makes me feel so special. :) 

She loves stealing my camera and taking pictures and usually when I see her at an event, she is "running" around with a group of little girl friends, with their purses and their busy-ness of wherever they are going, and whoever they are looking for in that moment - sweet girlhood at its best. :) 

I took these two photos at Ligonier National Conference 2013, in February. They make me laugh so hard. Because they are perfectly Maili. The first one - she had just spotted me and my camera, and that's her reaction, and the second one, she's laughing as she swishes past me with her little friends. :) 

So Happy 11th birthday, sweet and wonderful Miss Maili Ailsa Sproul. :)
I hope you have a wonderful day and a very special year! I love you soooo much!!!! *big hugs*

With much love,
~ Jean Marie ~