Catan Night Part 2 -

Part 2 of the February 2, 2013 Catan Night at the Hopes: The Jaunt/Photoshoot on the Savannah. 

Ok. The Savannah. We hadn't been there since Lauren and I shot Ben & Emily's engagement pictures back in September of 2011. I mean, wow, that was a lonnng time ago, it seems. :) So I suggested a walk before it got dark, (secretly hoping Lauren could take one or two photos of my long hair before I chopped it off, haha). We all grabbed our boots (except me, not smart) and cameras and went walking. 

About the time we hit the Savannah, the guys realized there were more cameras and girls than guys, and then all sort of sighed and rolled their eyes and went exploring for a little while, letting us take pictures. They really ARE the best. :) Thanks, guys! 

That wonderful abandoned shed. 

So much dripping moss....

"Lord, I just love it here."

Emily. :) 

The golden light was spilling all over the Savannah, and it.was.perfect. I was soooo happy. 

turning everything golden - 

light moving in and out 

I sat down for some portraits with Rach and Rebecca. 



My favorite. :) 

Albeit a little distracted by something happening over my shoulder. :) 

The Manly....Men. Ben clearly is used to it, so is Joseph and so is Gabe. hahaha. 

Lauren took some amaaaaazing portraits of Ben and Emily with Emily's camera. :) 

She is just that gorgeous inside and out. All the time. 

I begged for a bride/bridesmaids photo on the Savannah. Yay!!! 

The walk back ... part of which I spent catching up to see if that was a yellow shirt in the middle of the road. (I know, I know. Distraction comes easily for me.) 

Hahaha. They are so cuuuute. It was crazy hearing English accents again. We failed at imitating for the most part. ;) 

And now - some of my favorites from the night. These take my breath away. Tell me you have light like this where you are, and I probably won't believe you. Look at all that silvery moss!! 


"And see, that's how I figured out that the 5 points of Calvanism relate to EVERYTHING. Even dish soap and writing HTML! It's amazing!!" 

Just kidding. I have no idea what they were saying. But they are best friends with each other, and with me, so they probably won't care.

Glorious besties. 

and that thar .... is the end of Part 2. Why? Because you might need a break to breathe before you look at the next few pictures because you will be falling off your chair laughing so hard. hahahahahahaa.

Ok. I love y'all. :)
~ Jean Marie ~

P.S. Short posts are SO much more fun. 


  1. Love, love, love... how could I not love photos on the Savannah?? With friends!!

  2. Oh, that Savannah, the golden light, and dear company all made a *perfect* evening. The laughs, smiles, and joys expressed, the memories made... thank you for sharing these Jean! I loved looking through them!



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