I love these two -

I love these two girls. :) 
They encourage me so often, and push me to do better, be better, do hard things. Like volleyball. ;)

Talking with them often ends in laughter as we discuss photography, cameras, recipes, memories, Florida .... I just love spending time with both of them, and even though today there is a lot to do, I found this important to reflect on: good friendships are hard to come by, and I'm very blessed for these.  I hope that I give back as much as I am given, and more so. :)

Lauren and Shannon.  (Photo taken: March 21, 2013 - Volleyball night) 

Hey....volleyball is hard for some of us. haha.

With much love, and may you have a wonderful weekend,
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. What a sweet post! I love both of those girls, too! :)

  2. Sweet Jean... YOU are such a joy and blessing in my life. The Lord has used you immensely in my life, inspiring me to Godliness, encouraging me to embrace the joys of life, and filling my time with you with abounding joy. I praise the Lord for you, and your dear friendship. Good friendships are indeed treasures. Your are *cherished* ♥
    *Love* this photo... so thankful for you, and Lauren, and the blessing of having such sweet sisters in Christ.


  3. What Shannon said! I love this photo of Shannon and I, and I love you too, Jean!! :D


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