Catan Night Part 3 -

Catan Night Part 3. The Hysterical Photo Op after the Savannah Jaunt.

So we get back to the Hopes, right? And I think "Hey. We'll just take a group girls shot....because we never do group shots and we should start doing that. I'll just ask one of the guys to snap a few."

I can hear my brain saying now - "Yeah right." HAHAHaa. It turned into a 15 minute photo op with less-than-normal looking photos of less-than-normal people in their perfectly hilarious personalities.

The night I edited these, I laughed so hard I cried. My shoulders hurt from shaking. My face was sore. My family was in bed, and I was sitting there laughing so hard I had trouble breathing.

Heavens to Betsy. Look at them and see if you know what I'm talking about.

Shannon looking distractingly pretty....before we all get lined up. She is SO sweet. I love her. 

Exhibit A: The Creepy Stalker Photobomber Photo.

We about died laughing.

Exhibit B: Line Up and Be Normal Photo

Exhibit C: "Haha, We are Adorable....except Emily is Mad Now" Photo

Exhibit D: "Forget That and Look Somewhere Random" Photo.
(EMILY'S FACE ON THE BOTTOM. laughed so hard I cried)

Exhibit E: "Keep Being Completely Not Normal and Run With It" Photo.
(Emily shows us how to do the awkward Model Turn and gives us a thumbs up for effort...sort of)

Exhibit F: "Catch the car in the background and we have completely lost it by now" Photo

See what I mean?!!!! HAHAHAHAA. It is only these types of friends that make life THE BEST to be with.

I love them all. 

Hahahahaa. Until next time - aka: The last of Catan Night/The Second Game.

With love from a very laughter-filled heart now,
~ Jean Marie ~

P.S. I think this is the very first time that I've posted three posts in one night! Whew!


  1. Ok, I just looked at these a second time and noticed Lauren's bunny ears behind our heads in the last set. Haha!!

  2. And Ben's thumbs up photobombing in the ones where I've got thumbs up!!

  3. Oh boy! What a time! We're all so crazy, yet its' our craziness that binds us together! hehe... love these. and *you*!


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