Catan Night Part 1 -

Hey y'all!! 

Well, the worst blogging award goes to ...................... ME. hahahaha.

This Catan night that Joseph organized (and hosted) was back in February. February 2, to be exact. I've had the pictures done for about a week or so, but Photobucket has decided to mix up all the pictures when I upload them. Talk about a headache. That's why this is split up into parts, also because there are about 150 pictures. hahaha. This Catan night was held in honor of Rachael and her sister Rebecca being here from England, yes, the Rach as in Sadie Beth's Rach that was here last year. :) It was such a fun night, and we all had so much fun!!! Thanks so much to Joseph and the Hopes for having us!

I was laughing last night as I was looking through the pictures because....most of them are of Georgia. Haha. Ben and Emily and Georgia were there and it had been about 2 months since I'd seen her, and I had the best time talking to her, holding her and taking pictures of her for the first....hour and a half or so while everyone else played. Apparently, I could have played, but we didn't realize there was another set of houses for me. haha. oh well. Time is always well spent when it is with G. :)


These crack me up. They are the beeeeesssssst. If you are wondering for a size comparison, this is really how big she is at....4. 5 months. She is TINY. :)

And now follow a lot of pictures of Miss G. 

Top to bottom, left to right. :) She was waving her little hand while she sucked her thumb. :) 

The amazing sodas Gabe got BOGO from Publix & the board getting set up. 

You will be seeing these a lot through the night....they aren't beer, ok? haha. They are soda. ;)

Rebecca and Rach. Brits and Sisters in Crime. (or something) 

Ben, Shannon, and Lauren. We sit on the floor - because we like it that way.

The inevitable shot. 

Kisses from Mama. 

I love watching her watch G. (or Ben for that matter, haha) 

Beautiful blue-eyed girl. 

"Hiiiiii Georgiaaaaaaa!!!" 

Rachael talking to Georgia and Georgia talking back ....

 and holding hands, mutually fascinated I think. :) 

Sweet Rach. You are so lovely, friend!! 

and there's part 1!! :) Now on to part 2.....Photoshoot on the Savannah. 

With much love,
~ Jean Marie ~