Catan Night Part 4 -

Wow, y'all.
 These posts have been extremely fun for me. I'm not sure why, unless it's because my friends are and make me laugh so much I wonder how my lungs still function correctly without air.

We've had Part 1: Game 1 and Time With Georgia
Part 2: The Jaunt/Photoshoot on the Savannah.
Part 3: The Photo Op of Hysteria.
and now Part 4: More Georgia Lovin' and An Extremely Long Game of Catan.

It is the weirdest thing for me to look at myself with long hair, almost like it's a version of myself that seems so long ago, even if it was only a month or two! Crazy, right?

I grab any chance I can get to snuggle G. Holding her just makes everything in the world right. 

I love her. In case you missed that memo. 

Here she is talking very expressively to Uncle Gabe. hahahahaha. 

Here's a little video of her chatting and being so sweet. :) 

aaaand this pretty much sums up how TIRED we were of this game that would.not.end. (Rach's face cracks me up. She's staring at the board as if some magical play would appear. hahahahaa) 

My wonderful pile of ... ships/houses/lumber. 
This was after some tornado ripped through the perfectly built train I had. Grrrr. 

Still laughing about things....even though some Pirate kept stealing all our supplies. 

Some days I still can't believe she's married, with a love and a baby. :) 

Lauren photobombs some difficult play. HAHAHAHAHA. I love her so much. 

Sustaining root beer (that the Brits claimed tasted like toothpaste). WHAAAT.

Hahahaha. I get that look a lot. :) Good thing he's constantly photogenic. 

ALL.THE.OPTIONS. Aaaaaand nowhere to go. 

I love these little shots. :) See my ships? All nice and organized! 

Perfectly-timed-photobomb by Gabe. Looking manly and stroking his beard. HAHAHAHa. I'm taking the picture, and something blurs on the right, just as I'm clicking. And then we all broke up laughing. :D

The sweet Brits that we love. Rebecca and Rachael. :) It was lovely seeing you, and please come again! :)

Ok. I have to share this hilarious moment with you. We had stopped to eat some of the best brownies ever, (they had caramel swirled in) and they were sooo good. And we are all milling around, and Gabe suddenly says "I NEED SOME WATER!" and for some unknown reason, we all just died laughing. He wasn't trying to be dramatic, just really needed some water, and oh my word. I was standing near the dining room table and I had my arms on it, bending over, trying to get air, and Emily fell into a chair laughing so hard. We laughed for a good 5 minutes, it was hilarious. We were soooo slap-happy. hahahaha. Still makes me laugh to think about it. :D Those are the BEST times, when you are so tired and you can't stop laughing. :)

Good memories. I just love these friends, and I'm so blessed to be a part of this group!!!
I love y'all. And thanks again to Joseph and the Hopes!!

Here's EmilyBrower's Photos/Videos from that night! (and yes. That video of G on my lap makes me teary)

With much love,
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. Perfect ending... ;) Twas such a fun evening... {and that's what ya'll were laughing about! I was like "What in the world?" and seeing ya'll so desperate to breathe made another laugh on top of that! hehe}

    Love you!

  2. My best friends just taught me how to play this game. Only, it looks like we played either a different -- or smaller version. :) We also had a ton of fun. Isn't amazing the contrast between having fun with worldly friends and having fun with Christians?


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