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Hi ya'll. ;)

So remember THIS? When I posted the engagement photoshoot video back in October of the Photoshoot that was in *cough* September? Right. Okay, I thought so. You know why I thought so? Because that's when all the begging and blackmailing and harassing e-mails started. Don't you look at me innocent like. I kept them. I have them. I read them and laugh. What you didn't know was that I've been editing them, on and off and just finished them. What can I say, life got in the way. Actually, I was saving them. For the almost busiest day of the year. HAHAHAA. Okay. Not really. Anyways. HERE THEY ARE. The Engagement Pictures. At last.

You can now send me thank you e-mails instead. ;)

Tomorrow they wed!!!!!! I can't believe it!! SO. EXCITED!!!

Emily & Ben: Engagement Photoshoot - September 17th, 2011

So I edited each session differently. Park, Beach, and Savannah. I really loved doing this!

First we started out at a park -

Here is Lauren = aka. The REAL Photographer who is amazing and I pale in comparison. Literally, since she has a tan. And also literally because she is way better than me. hah. ;)
Here are her pictures, which - yeah. I told you. They are soooo amazing. *swoons* She is also (one) of the Brunette Bridesmaids, and is extremely excited about it. ;) Because we love our Emily. She and Emily very graciously allowed me to come along and video and shoot.

SO them. :D

"Smile! Now Serious!" *We burst into hysterical laughter* I love them together. ;)

This happens ... a ... LOT. Hahahahaa....

The favorite.

and in B&W. :)

More laughing ... that picnic table in the sludgy water and sand. ;)

You might have noticed this one on FB. ;)

Best friends.

THUMBS UP! hahaha! YAY!

Another favorite -

And then we zoomed to the beach -

Where I shot my second favorites. Hugs are really so special. I love hug pictures.

Then we rushed back to the Hope's to change and run over to our Savannah for sunset pictures. When we got there, the sun was mostly set, but Lauren took some silhouette pictures, I videoed, and I took some pictures that I had no idea how they would turn out. Well, I got home, and put them on the computer. The next night, I was editing through some, found the Savannah ones, and started editing. And then I burst into tears. On practically every. single. one. Yes, I probably was just an emotional wreck, but I just loved every shot!!

I pretty much adore this picture. Yep. a LOT.

and in Sepia.

I sent this to EmilyCase and this is what the e-mail said:
"Ohmygoodness EmilyCase. So....I have been holding myself back. To not edit everything old-fashioned .... but when I got to a Savannah picture, I just let that go. Because golly Moses, no more. And it's amazing and old-fashioned and blurred and Ben's not looking and its so old-looking and I adore it. It made Becs about shriek her head off. So if it was that good, I'm sending it. :) I love you, Savannah Woman. ~ Jean Marie"

*laughs* Okay. I'm reading back through the e-mails now and laughing, because - wow. I was seriously in tears every e-mail that I sent her a picture. I think it was all sinking in - watching how Ben loves and protects Emily, and how Emily responds in trust and love back. It rather hit me like a brick to the stomach, somewhere editing those pictures. It comes out here, the next e-mail.

"I was so captivated and drawn by the way the rough met the soft, the sweet cradling way Ben holds you .... and I think ... this precious way that Ben cradles you ... is how our Father God cradles us.
And that made me cry. :)"

This is my third or second or first favorite. Let's just call it way up there. I chopped off their heads on purpose, and I just love it.

So tender -

And tomorrow they will be Husband & Wife! Mr. and Mrs. Ben Brower. :)

A little note to the bride from her redheaded bridesmaid -

Dearest Barefoot-Potato Sack-Hair Down-Bride,

You are getting married tomorrow. To an amazing, incredible, Godly, sweet and entirely handsome and good-looking man who loves you with deep devotion.
My heart is filled with praise and gratitude to God for blessing you so highly!!!
I am blown away by how He was working, and we had noooo idea. ;) His works are wondrous!

I am more than excited and honored to be your bridesmaid, I am humbled.
Humbled that God blessed me so dearly by giving you to me as such a close friend and sister.
I have always thanked God for you in every memory and every thought. He has been so kind!
After you got engaged, I would lie in bed with this gigantic grin on my face and not sleep AT ALL, because I was SO JOYFUL that sleep didn't fit into all the dreams. ;) Wow. Hahaha.
And then I would think of you, my dear friend, walking down the aisle to meet your groom.
And then I would think of me, wearing white, rushing into Christ's arms, spotless, His bride.
aaaand then I would cry. Every single time. The imagery is very tangible when I look at you and Ben.

God has used you and Ben's story so deeply in our family's lives and hearts.
The Fambroughs have all been so encouraged and blessed by not only both your families, but in the way that we have seen His glory revealed in such a surprising and unexpected way!
He WAS working, and none of us (well, heh. almost none) knew .... what a sweet gift!

And now that I'm in tears, I need to tell you something.

I couldn't find the Beaker Hat. I looked everywhere - for months. For some reason, no one anywhere makes them, or sells them, or even knows what I'm talking about. Because I really WAS going to pull it on and sing Danny Boy before the wedding, but no. It is our loss. *sniffs* I'm sure there will be a TON of relieved people, though. *nods head emphatically* We shall save that idea. ;)

EmilyCase - you are seriously one of my favorite people on this earth. I love being with you, I love laughing with you, singing with you, making faces with you, taking pictures with you, and just being around you. Your hilarious and yet gentle spirit, and uh, stubborn spirit. ;) Squid! But I have seen you patiently wait, and generously give of yourself and your prayers to others. I still find it hard to believe you are only 19, because you seem older than I. ;) You are my Train Mouse and T. Sweets and don'tyoudaretellthatstory even if it is your wedding. HAHA!

There's pretty much no way I can say how much I love you. And if I try, I can promise that I will be sobbing and this will be one emotional, sappy mess of .... sap. So I will just say - I love you.
I could not be happier for you if I tried. :) God has been so good!!

Thank you for the sister you are to me, and for loving me so graciously. :) You are wonderful, special and are going to be the most darling, devoted, sweet little wifey to Ben. ;) I know it.

All my prayers, all my love, all my joy, to you - as you marry Ben tomorrow. :)
I love you!!!!!
~ The RedHeaded Bridesmaid ~

"He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts,
except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.

I know that nothing is better for them than to rejoice, and to do good in their lives,
and also that every man should eat and drink and enjoy the good of all his labor -
it is the gift of God.

I know that whatever God does, it shall be forever. Nothing can be added to it, and nothing taken from it. God does it, that men should fear before Him."

~ Ecclesiastes 3: 11 - 14 ~


  1. They are soooo sweet!!!! They make such an amazing couple!!! I have to agree.... they are both ridiculously good looking!!! Their kids are going to be amazingly adorably cute one day!!.... (if that made sense) ..... lol!


  2. I am SOOOOO incredibly excited for them!!! Jean Marie, the photos are gorgeous... I love, love, love them!! :)
    You are going to be such a lovely bridesmaid, Dear!
    Each day, I get more and more excited for the wedding, and I can't wait to see the two of them become man and wife! *shrieks with joy*

    Love and Blessings,

    P.S. See you tomorrow! Did I mention I'm excited?! :D

  3. Hello!! Jean Marie! I finally found your card from the Gospel-Centered marriage conference. We met the last night (Saturday) and I said I would visit your blog!! You are an absolutely wonderful photographer ~ fresh and bright!! I thank you for standing up for the Savior in what you write, too ~ what a great witness for truth! Blessings! Maybe we will meet again at another conference. Did you get to meet my daughter Rebecca?


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