Serious for the moment -

Serious for the moment - was little man cowboy Luke ... dressed in black ... waiting for his chance to dance with a girl down the aisle of clapping and stomping and laughing Contra' dancers. ;)

He looks so serious, but he's really not. I took this picture in September, but I danced with him again just last Saturday, and he decided instead of spinning me, that he'd just lift his boots off the floor and let me twirl him! He looked up at me on the third twirl and giggled. SO CUTE. ;)

But he's also such a gentleman, and a cutie pie! :) We rode a children's rollercoaster at the fair last night, and when I told him I might be scared, he looked me all hunkered down to his level, and I said "Luke, are you gonna' protect me?", and he smiled and nodded his head, "yes.", "then I won't be scared at all!" I replied. And I wasn't ... but I think I heard him laughing at me screaming while on the third zooming loop of the ride. ;) Hahahah.

So here he is! :) There's something about little men dressed in boots and jeans and cowboy hats and huge silver belt buckles that gets to me. Little Gentlemen in training. ;)

This week it is I:heart:faces Black week - a picture of black and a face! :) Neat, huh? :)
So go over there if you want to look, or enter too! Thanks for stopping in, or just saying hi!

With love,
~ Jean Marie ~


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