26 years and going strong -

Happy 26th anniversary, Mom and Dad! :)

Today, 26 years ago, on a Fall day in California, my Dad and Mom said "I do!".

*top 2 photos taken in NC, bottom 2 taken in Savannah, GA*

Here are my beloved parents in NC on our NCFIC trip, with a backdrop of Autumn colors.

My Daddy - caring Father, devoted Husband, loyal friend. Always up for a great pose. ;) Or a hug. Or a kiss and after-dinner-dishes-duty for his wifey.

My Mama - full of laughter, loving Wife, gracious Mother, selfless and devoted to her family. Always up for a laugh about life and a rundown of her hubby's day. ;)

Looking at the places where Daddy's history made stories .... looking forward together.

Mom and Dad - Words can't say how special you two are to Kimberly and I. You are two of the most beautiful people I know. I am constantly amazed by the blessing of you both as our parents - God gave us a great gift in you both. I'm so grateful for God's work of redemption in bringing the two of you together in marriage ... for His glory, and your joy. He has been so kind!

You have shown us what a loving, forgiving, selfless, Godly marriage is - so beautiful!

So here's to the next 26 years! ;) and then, after that - all of Heaven and the New Earth to love and stay close and forever and ever with the Lord who is everything to us, to our Fambrough family.

I love you both more than you will ever know!
Happy 26th anniversary!!!
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. Happy, Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Fambrough! I hope you have a wonderful, blessed day!

    Adie (Brittany) =)

  2. Congratulations! Have a very special day * hugs *

    Lots of love

    Sadie Beth xx

  3. Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Fambrough! I pray the Lord above will continue to bless you as you draw closer to him and each other in the many years to come. Thank you for pouring your time, wisdom, and lives into your beautiful, wonderful, fun-loving, caring daughters. I am blessed to call them friend!
    PS - The day that you said "I do!" I blew out the candles on my 4th birthday cake. November 23rd is a wonderful day!

  4. Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Fambrough!! God Bless with Many more to come!

  5. Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Fambrough!!! I pray y'all have many more wonderful years!!! :D

  6. Happy anniversary! May the Lord fill you with joy....

    In Christ,


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