First one up -

Lauren's post is the first one up from Ben & Emily's wedding. ;) ;)

Good for her. HAHaha. I was waiting to see who would explode first. Explode in joy, of course. I have the same story, I did not take one single picture. My dad, however, went crazy with my Nikon d90, I'm just happy he gave it back to me!!! He took pictures, so I'll put some up soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy Lauren's really amazing pictures. That sand picture I adore ....

and yes. Ben and Emily are happily married and on their honeymoon. :) God be glorified!

~ Jean Marie ~

P.S. One of my best friends is in labor right now!!! Hopefully Baby Boy or Baby Girl will be here soon!! :D and I shall be an Aunt. Sort of. ;)


  1. Can"t wait to see your pictures Jean Marie!! I'm sure they will be wonderful! Hope your friend did or is doing well!!!!! :D

  2. I saw the post of Lauren on Emily's wedding, she was SO BEAUTIFUL, really!
    Can't wait to see more pictures!


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