On my Bamboo slab -

On my Bamboo cutting board today ... was my lunch. My lunch at 2:30pm. Late, I know. :) I decided to cut it up, just to be creatively different. Aaand then I tried to be a mix of Lauren, Hungry Toothpick Chef and Pioneer Woman and take artistic pictures of my food. I think it turned out looking like .... Jean Marie. Oh well. ;) My stomach doesn't care. (and I took the pictures on my East-facing windowsill. yes, I did)


Cheese shadows. Cheesy shadows? Cheesy shadows!!! hahaha! ok. sorry.

Green apples

Cheddar cheese

Smoked Hormel Ham sandwich on Asiago Cheese bread from Whole Foods with mayonnaise.

The only thing not organic was the mayonnaise. Why? Because I grew up on Hellman's Mayonnaise, I've tried lots of other natural ones and hated them, and it tastes good.

So that was my lunch. :) Did I make you hungry? What's on your bamboo slab? :)

By the way - it was soooo gooood. I'm really in love with the Asiago Cheese Bread from Whole Foods, it is SO tasty. Mmmmm. :)

One more side note, because what is a blogpost about food without a random sidenote that has nothing to do with food, but everything to do with a dog? That's not a blogpost about food? Oh. My bad. Oh wait, that's just me. hahaha. Again. My bad. I'll get right on that. Or not.

It's Lucy Mae. A little story about Lucy Mae.

Story: I'm outside raking fall leaves on an overcast, yet not Fall-ish day. I look over at Lucy Mae, and the only thing showing from the ground up are her back haunches and her tail, and I say "LUCY MAE! What are you DOING?"! Up pops a face covered in dirt, and the middle long part of her falls into the hole she's digging, so now only her tail and her head is showing, and she puts her chin down on the ground, and looks at me with guilty eyes. To which I say "Of COURSE. You are a Dachshund." HAHAHAHahahha. ;)

Much love to you all!! 10 days until the wedding!!! I might be freaking out. But I might not. But since this is my blog, and you all know me kind of well, or better than you want to, theeennn you know that I AM probably freaking out. In a total - God is the complete mastermind and I am nothing and He is so gracious and I can't believe my best friend is marrying her best friend - way.

~ The RedHeaded Bridesmaid ~

and a very Happy and Lovely birthday to Mrs. Hope!!!! :) I love you!!!


  1. Sooooo exciting!!!!! I can't believe it's only ten days away!!!! Please take lots of pictures for all of us readers!! ;)

    You're lunch looks absolutely delicious! I as well have a weakness for asiogo cheese bread! Mmmm... Photographing food is such fun! =D.

    I have only been reading you blog for less then a year and you are totally right I really do feel like I almost know you. Anyhow maybe one day we will be able to actually meet in person. =)



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