He is my Daddy -

Today is my dear Daddy's birthday. :) And we've already begun the celebrating. Last night I made homemade pizza for dinner and we watched a British film favorite of his while we ate Apple Macaroon Pie with Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Ice cream and sipped milk.

As you can see, I've taken to heart that "a way to a man's heart really IS through his stomach", because Daddy's told me that for years and it's never been untrue yet. :)

After walking through Lowe's, pretending I knew what I was doing, and through Wal-Mart, Target and finally Publix....I had had it trying to find a good present, and was making food. And so I did. And we really ... umm ... I mean, Daddy really enjoyed it. hahaha. ;)

So today I started thinking about a special birthday post, and I thought about how so many of my special memories with Dad include: Vacation. Walks. Cold. Hand Holding. Hugs. and Quiet. Talking. Amazing views. Leaves. Sprinkling rain. Walking sticks. Fences. Old houses. etc.

... and then I thought of the perfect memory to write about. :) December of 2009, we were in Virginia for Ivis and Aaron's wedding, and it was pretty much THE coldest we had ever been. That even tops off Christmas vacation at the Biltmore. and it was snowing then. anyways, it was the day before The Wedding Day, and everyone was running around helter-skelter at Henricus Historical Park doing things, talking and laughing and organizing ... and the sun was setting, and I just took some time to walk over to the fence lining the cliffs along the river and Dad decided to join me. :)

I had been outside from the heat of the buildings all of 5 minutes, when my fingers grew chilly and I wondered how on earth more Englishmen didn't die of frostbite instead of diseases when they came over from England. Sheesh. Hahaha, and I was dressed warmly. believe me.

We were there walking .... and I snapped a picture. I may or may not have been frozen to the ground. The point is now, is that I'm in love with this picture. oh wait. I think I'm in love with all of these pictures. Nevermind.

... it just takes me back to when I was little. It makes me think of Georgia.

They had this long deck of stairs going down to the lower lookout along the river, and as I stomped down a few steps, I looked back up, and there was Daddy, looking so at home and capturing the view in his memory.

... then I stomped down a few more steps (the stomping was because my feet were almost numb), and got to the landing, and got this around the railing and posts. How neat is that? Did I mention I love all these pictures? but this is not about me. this is about Daddy ...

... but this all builds up to here. When I came back up the landing, huffing and frozen, I looked back at the James River and leaned back against Daddy. Both of us looking out to the water, his hands tight around my waist in a hug, my head back on his shoulder, standing there, quietly. And then we just stood there for a little while. Not needing words, or conversation. Just enjoying the river and the view and the embrace. It was so sweet.

I have been so blessed! I have never known what it was like for my Father to not love me. He is one of the most tender, gentle, loving, affectionate men I've ever known, and looking for a husband like that is next to impossible with the standard I've grown up with. :) He is always open to hugs, naps with my head on his chest, holding hands, helping me in any way.

If only I put the same trust and rest into my Heavenly Father that I do with my own Dad. The analogies of resting my head upon my Heavenly Father's chest and listening to His heart of love for me is a very easy thing to imagine when you've got years of memories with your own father.
I am rarely feel more relaxed and safe than when I am in the arms of my Daddy.

I love spending time with Daddy outside. He has taught me since I was little the love of God's creation and creatures, and the respectful silence of walking through woods quietly. Of being together with the animals and not scaring them all off. He whittled my name into branches for walking sticks, and taught me how to walk like an Indian. He taught me how to trim trees and bushes and what not to do in a car. He taught me how to be a respectful girl, and respect boys. :) He's taught me so much! ... and occasionally, I teach him a few things. But only rarely.

Our view up and down the James River.

I love being quiet with my Dad. I love not saying anything. I love crunching in the leaves. I love holding his hand and getting warm hugs in the cold. I love walking the beach and taking pictures together. I love talking photography and art and knowing he can teach me so much about it. I love hearing his voice and hearing him say my name. I love listening to his memories, and asking him about planes and everything under the sun, because ... he's my dad, and he knows waaay more than me. I love being loved by him.
I LOVE my Daddy with my whole heart. But I don't tell him or show him nearly enough.
I can be distant and withdrawn and quiet. I can not share and not hug. I can hold back.
I'll try harder, Daddy. Promise. :) I never have doubted your love for me.

You fill my heart with Joy. There will never be another one like you. You are my Daddy.

Thank you so much for the Daddy you are to Kimberly and I!! You are an excellent Father and a devoted husband and dad. You lead us in Christ, and you guide us to His throne. You pursue God with a diligence and you go every Sunday with reverence and humility. I learn humility and gratefulness before Christ from you. You know the depth (to a degree) of how much you have been forgiven, and so you thank Him continually for His grace to you, and to us. You pour out your soul in your prayers, and I know God is pleased when he sees you coming, not of our own, but of Christ we are thus.

How sweet Your love to our Savior is to our family. Never lose sight of the joy that we have in Him, He is our Rock, our Redeemer, our precious Savior and King. And He loves you with even more passion and grace and love than we can even imagine. He loves you with an unending love that we can only think about and dream about, and I know we cannot wait to see His face one day. I love knowing we as a family will never fear the future, because we will always be together, and Christ ever before us in our Eternal Home.

I love you, my dearest, precious, loving Father. Happy Birthday to you.
Many hugs, love and kisses.
I love you to the moon, around the moon, between all the stars and back.
Your little redhaired daughter forever,
~ Jean Marie ~

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  1. Dear Mr Fambrough :-) Happy, happy birthday!

    Lots of love from your English Sadie Beth xxx

  2. Happy Birthday Mr. Fambrough!
    Love & Blessings from the Sparling Clan!

  3. I hope that you had a blessed birthday Mr. Fambrough! You have a lovely family indeed~


  4. Happy belated birthday, Mr. Fambrough! I pray that you had a very blessed day!


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