Dearest Becky -

Dearest Becky ....
Happy 19th birthday TODAY! *shrieks happily* I remember being 19. I think. ;)

So, dear friend.
Some of my best memories with you include almost breaking something (ahem. what it is, we will not share), but that memory keeps being something that puts us in whispering laughter together, and at the time put me in panic and then us both in hysterical tears. Which is awesome. Because we were playing badminton in a hallway. Which, really. Was a sign of a birthday much later that would be equally hysterical. Now we know. Sparlings + Badminton + Fambroughs = Hilarity. :D Hahahha.

And then in September we went walking on the beach and I took pictures and John avoided the camera like it was the plague and you looked way cuter than me, oh and I found a barnacle.
(looks sideways) No really. That was a fun memory of mine! Oh! and there were jellies too!

Okay, and another memory is when we were laughing hysterically in the car, and I was driving and there was some ... talk. About me being fit to drive. And the little girls in the back were giggling pretty hard about something. You can see my brain remembers EVERYTHING....................not. BUT, we were driving home from the park, where we had spent hours, and I had just spent a whole hour of pure delight, going down the slides again and again and again with shrieking children on my lap, and we were in breathless laughter because we were sort of bruised and Little Bit was hysterical when she came down the slide! And the swings! I distinctly remember yelling "FLLLLYYYYY!!!" and swinging so high, and then being told we were leaving. We need to go back there. and soon.

... aaaand I am starting to notice a trend in our memories. They all include laughter. And a LOT of it. OH YEAH. and then I convinced ya'll that I put rum in the hot chocolate. which I did NOT. because I totally wouldn't do that to little kids and also because we were out. of rum. (I'm totally joking. We are Presbyterians.) And so ... I cannot think of one memory with you, Becky, that does not include me saying at the end of that memory "this has been the best memory ever", because the memories are all so wonderful!

and I think it's partly because YOU are so wonderful. Mmmhmm. *nods*
So Happy Birthday, Becky! Here's to one of my new best friends. *raises hot cocoa in salute* ;)
We pray God's richest blessings upon you and your family. We love you!!!
~ Jean Marie ~
for all the Fambroughs and for Lucy Mae too ;)

P.S. Did I mention you are gorgeous? Because you ARE. Oh and also that I'm sorry for calling you Sarah for half your life because I get you and Sarah mixed up? oh and also, thank you for not suing me when I break things and also for laughing and living with me when I am a total delighted child with how many times I can go down the slide and still live when I come out in a bumped, bruised, freaked-out, backwards-upside-down-heap. Yes. I thank you, my dear. *I love you!*


  1. What a sweet post, Jean Marie! Happy birthday, Becky! I pray that the Lord blesses you on your special day!

    Love In Christ,

  2. Happy Birthday Becky! May the Lord shower blessings upon this sweet day!

    In Christ,

  3. Thanks for the sweet birthday blog
    Jean! Yes, most of my memories with you do involve alot of laughing! How about the time the rest of our family was following us back to your house and we kept doing circles. Or the water wars on the canoe trip. We have definitely made some fun memories!
    I am looking forward to making more with you! Love You!


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