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As we approach Christmas, it's a bit different this year, because I have already received the present I was hoping so much for ... our little doggie, Lucy Mae. :) I'm still very much looking forward to celebrating Christmas, of course, but the prospect of looking forward to presents is gone. :) But I couldn't be happier.... I don't even remember the last time I have been this happy. :) Even my friends who haven't seen me with her yet are exclaiming how happy I am ... :)

It is so sweet to have her .... every day is a joy to awake to see her little self. She is a big source of laughter in our home, and we've only had her 4 days! But all this "Puppy Love" ;) doesn't mean that I've forgotten Christmas and all the sweet rejoicing of the Best Gift gjven to us -
Our Savior Jesus, the Christ Child, the Son of God, born in a stable in Bethlehem.

I wanted to share one of my very favorite Christmas songs with you, sung by Steve Green. I love the sweet lullaby that it is .... so poignant the allegory drawn between a beautiful pure rose and the fairest flower of them all .... as the Christ Child born perfect to live as a sweet smelling aroma to His Father and to die for us.

"Rose of Bethlehem" ~ by Lowell Alexander (1992)

"There's a Rose in Bethlehem, with a beauty quite divine,
perfect in this world of sin, on this silent, holy night.

There's a fragrance much like hope that it sends upon the wind.
Reaching out to every soul from a lowly manger's crib.

O Rose of Bethlehem, how lovely, pure and sweet!
Born to glorify the Father, born to wear the thorns for me.

There's a Rose in Bethlehem, colored red like mercy's blood.
'Tis the flower of our faith, 'tis the blossom of God's love.

Though its bloom is fresh with youth, surely what will be He knows!
For a tear of morning dew is rolling down the rose."

How sweet the day when Christ came to redeem His children, born into a lowly stable, born to wear the thorns for us, to bear the cross, to live to die for His beloved! How sweet and strong His unending and undying love!!

With love,
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. Beautiful post, Jean! Thanks for sharing!
    Love, mcd


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