Brrr!! -

Just in case anyone ever asks me ... if Florida ever ever ever gets cold.

I can smile and tell them "why, yes, yes it does sometimes" ....

I can tell them we are on our 3rd night of freeze warnings and that we can see our breath at night, that our heaters are running and we are freezing, and for once it feels like winter. :)

... and I can revel in the gorgeous, chilled and bundled up opportunities that cold gives us.

While friends take pictures of snow on vacations, I am here struggling with a cold,
but still really really enjoying the winter we are getting. :) Hooray for cold weather! :)

Our dear friend Laurie came over on Monday night and made us a wreath out of the leftover pine scraps from our Christmas tree, and it is happily hung on our back door! ('Cause we are Southerners, no one comes in through the front door.) ;) Thank you, Laurie!

Happy December and Winter everyone!!!
With love,
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. Happy Winter, Jean Marie! It has been quite chilly here, hasn't it?! :)


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