Complimentary chew marks -

Dear special friends ....

I would like to extend to you the once in a lifetime offer!! of having your Christmas presents wrapped by yours truly, for YOURS TRULY and all your kin, for a small fee. Yes, folks, you do not want to miss out on this amazing deal. You have no idea the uniqueness and homemade natural look that will grace the area under your tree after I wrap your treasured gifts! People will "ooh" and "aahh" and remark upon the sweet, tidy bows, the amount of clear tape, the sweeping penmanship upon the gift tags and the beautiful wrappers upon your boxes and bags!

You will be in awe!!! Write or call now to receive this special offer! Your money will be returned if you are not happy, unless I have spent it already, and satisfaction is guaranteed, unless you are an extremely perfectionist gift wrapper who cannot have anything wrong with the paper.

Like, for instance .... tiny little bite marks of joy into said paper. On the other hand, if you ADORE puppies and dogs, then this is the paper for you!!! Bite marks can be added on, for free!

Any way you look at it, I'm sure this is the deal for you ... so write now!!! After all, you don't really want your Christmas presents to look like everyone else's ... do you?

Merry Christmas to you!!!
~ TheRedHeadCrazyGirl & Puppy Gift Wrapping Inc. ~

Hahahaha .... so this was the first time I've ever wrapped Christmas presents with a puppy in the same room ... I had to watch her and keep her close by my side, and it is just easier on the floor .... or so I thought. ;) Little Lucy Mae was excited about EVERYTHING, and wanted to have EVERYTHING and wanted to chew EVERYTHING and wanted to TAKE EVERYTHING.

Here are a few of the audio clips that you would have heard in our living room this eve:

"Do you see the paper? Isn't it nice? You are sooo cute. My adorable little puppy."
{Puppy licks Jean Marie's face all over}

"Sweetie, you can't have that .... "

{Puppy is dragging away scissors by the handle)
"Lucy Mae, those are scissors!! Those are dangerous, don't touch!"

"no no nooooo no no noooo .... hahahhahaaahahahaah ..... NO!!!"

"Raise, raise the song on high...the Virgin sings her lullaby!
Joy, joy for Christ is born, the Babe the Son of Mary!!"

"Honey, give me that ... you can't have that either ... play with your sock! play with youuur sock!! you are so cute. hahah."

"Do not touch, do not touch donottouch, do not touch!!! DO NOT ... touch!!"
{Puppy looks up adorably from chewing on paper}

"Hahaha, don't take the tape, baby ... I need it. I need the tape. Thank you."

"This is not your present Lucy Mae .... don't chew on it ... please. oh well. hahaha."
{bite marks adorn the wrapped box corner, Jean Marie tapes it shut}

"Baby, don't touch that .... it is paper and .... it ... is all wet now. Um. Thank you."

Hahaha ... needless to say, it was a whole new and crazay busy experience keeping her out of everything while I wrapped presents, but she was happy and I was laughing, so all is well. :) And I got the gifts wrapped! P.S. She is still very young, so I wasn't yelling at her ... she IS learning the word "no" though. :)

... and really. Who could try to be mad at an adorable face like this? :D I love my Lucy Mae.

... Merry Christmas and happy gift wrapping to you all!!! :D
With so much love, and a joyful spirit for this sweet Christmas season ....
O come to us, abide with us, our Lord Emmanuel!!
~ Jean Marie ~

Christmas lights bokeh and Lucy Mae


  1. Sounds like me with Ollie and Luna earlier! LuLu just walked right over and proceeded to lay across the wrapping paper. Then Oliver took the corner and stared bending and chewing on it. Oh sweet animals... what joy they bring to otherwise dull moments! (Though, I do love wrapping presents anyway ;)


  2. Oh, CUTENESS!!!! Such naughtiness is tolerated in your name!!! :) Who, indeed, could resist such a face...---mcd

  3. AWWWWWWWW!!!! *shrieks at the sight of a puppy* I wanna pull on her ears (gently, of course) and blow in her face and just SQUEEEEEEZE her.....8D


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