Puppy Love -

It was such a beautifully lovely clear evening tonight as the stars began to come out, and as the sun's rays swept down to a faint glow on the western horizon. I took the wee little puppy outside for a quick jaunt and exclaimed in the perfect light for photography. I rushed back in and pinned up my hair, threw on a jacket and a scarf and my boots, grabbed the wee little licking black&tan thing (puppy), my tripod and remote, snatched a wool cap and my leather gloves and ran back out in utter glee to capture the lovely night air in a few photos.

The white Christmas lights shone down from the eaves above and with the crisp and clear fading light, we sat down on the little stool and set up the camera and settings and took 35 pictures of gloriously still and Old English Winter Loveliness of Waif and Pup.

.... at least that's what I thought would happen.

What really happened was all of the above EXCEPT for everything following the number 35. Sadly, to my despair, I have to change that number to 3 photos. THREE. And one of them is blurry, and another is OUT OF FOCUS AND blurry. So really? I only have 1. ONE.

What really happened? We sat down, I put the cap down on Lucy Mae who was on my lap, she snuggled in, stuck her nose out in the 40 degree weather, we took pic #1, she was wiggling, and definitely NOT going to look at the clicking light blinking camera, we took pic #2, which is probably the most adorable thing ever in like 24 hours (since she did the last adorable thing which was tunnel through a sweatshirt of mine((incaseyoucare)), and then we took pic #3 where she decided SHE WAS NOT GOING TO SIT OUT IN THIS COLD and in the DARK AND I AM GOING TO SQUIRM AND LICK JEAN MARIE'S FACE FOR ALL I'M WORTH BECAUSE I WANT to gooooo insiiiiiiiiiiiidde nooowwwws.

Shortly after pic #3, I took her inside, where she ran around in utter glee because finally she was in warm air. For all of you feeling sorry for her, she was out in the air for all of TEN MINUTES. and that whole time she was either A. Snuggled in scarf or B. Under wool cap. ;)

However, I'm posting all 3 anyways. because really, I love them in their own rights.

and maybe it's just me ... but every time she kisses me, I melt. I love my sweet little puppy! I'm preeettttty sure I'll love these pictures forever just because it's me and Lucy Mae. ;)

With love,
~ Jean Marie~


  1. Thanks Jenna! She SO is.....I quite think you would love her. Thanks for reading.....and leaving a note!
    ~ Jean Marie

  2. Oh my goodness these are adorable! I see why you love them so much!


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