Lucy Mae -

Meet our family's early Christmas present .... a Dachshund puppy!!!!!! :)
I am above, over and beyond, completely ecstatic and IN LOVE with this precious little doggie.

A few stats on our littlest girl:
Her name: Lucy Mae. Lucy, after the Chronicles of Narnia, and Mae, for a Southern add to it, and an old-fashioned one as well, the name just fits her, and I love calling her by it!
How old: she will be 8 weeks on the 20th of December. :)
Breed: Black and tan Miniature Dachshund.
Size: TINY. she was the smallest in her litter, but apparently LOVED the owners' kind 180lb. Bull Mastiff. Aka: Loving and fearless. She currently fits in both my hands easily. :)
Food: She is eating tiny puppy chow and drinking water.
Sleeping: She's sleeping now on my lap, but she HOWLED all last night. ;) haha.
Date we got her: Friday, December 17th at around 2:30pm. :)

the very first picture of our baby!!!

She is enraptured with the clicking of the camera. :D

How very tiny she is .... I am so in love with her!

Ya'll may not know that I have been praying for a dog for Christmas, it was all I wanted .... and am overwhelmed that we have this new special evidence of joy in our lives ... I am SO thankful to my Mom and Dad for allowing us to get her!!!! And I come before the throne with Thanksgiving and praise to the Lord Who loves me so well. I look forward to growing older with her....

and I can't wait for you all to MEET HER!!! :D you will love her! :D
Merry Christmas from the Fambroughs to you all!!
With love,
~ Jean Marie and Lucy Mae ~


  1. Aw... how ADORABLE! I LOVE puppies. :) And kitties. Our kitten left or was 'et by cougars'. :(

    ~Johanna Kautt

  2. She is precious, dear Jean Marie! The photographs are simply adorable, and I am looking forward to meeting her sometime in the future! Congratulations on your newest addition! Dogs are such a sweet blessing to have!

    Your Sister In Christ,

  3. Cuteness :-)

    Btw, you look gorgeous in that last pic, Jean!



  5. Here I am to leave a long over due comment! It's been too long,darling! Life gets crazier every day....

    And I just squeaked out of joy for you!!!! A puppy is a great joy to have! Our little "big" Annie just turned 8 months!! *sigh* It can be trying at times with chewing misbehaving little puppies... (Hide your boots well!!!).. But the cuteness outweighs it(sometimes...) :P
    Sooo happy for you!!! A Christmas puppy!!
    Love yas
    ~cupcake smasha'

  6. Mariah Grace12/18/10, 11:43 PM

    Awww! Little Lucy Mae is so cute! You know what's really weird?

    1) My dog's name is Lucy too!
    2) When we got Lucy as a puppy, we picked the exact same pink polka-dot collar for her. Crazy, right??

    I'm so glad you've been taking lots of pictures... they grow up super duper fast! She's simply adorable. <3

  7. Oh my, does that face ever look familiar!! :) As a confirmed doxie-nut for forty years, I say--WELCOME TO THE CLUB and HAPPY DOXIE-SNUGGLING!
    Love, mcd


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