Old-fashioned Sisters -

So, Saturday... Kimberly and I did a photoshoot together.
It was Epic. Except for the fact that it was cloudy and getting dark.
Except for that ... and that we had to readjust settings every 15 shots
on my camera, ah, yes, and the skeeters....except for ALL that ...
we had a marvelous time. :D Truly did.

This was Kimberly's Christmas present to me -
a photoshoot together, and although the day proved not the best
picture-wise, we got some GOOD ones, and editing helps. :)
We dressed up in our matching skirts, and some ivory blouses,
I pinned on a piece of my Grandmother's jewelry, and
we wrapped two of her scarves around for belts.
Sort of ... 1920 belts, that is. :D 1920's Western?

She is gorgeous, and I laugh a lot, so I think these turned out GREAT!
HAHahhahaha!!! Thank you for the gift, dear! And the fun. :D

Well, now, brown cow!!! :D .... I'm not really mad. haha.

Darling girl. Wispy curls.

Picnic time! :D LOVE this one. We really are SO thoughtful.

... and full of smiles. :D

Sisters, sisters - two girls, different dreams, same love for Christ.

SEE? Why is it fair she is soo tiny and lovely! haha. :D

My favorite. Sweet simplicity.

Wintertime. Tromping the grounds near Mims,
I say, do we not look similar to some March sisters,
or some Austen ladies? :) ... I love that tree.


Kimberly and Jean Marie -

"A sister shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams."
~ Unknown ~

Love you, dear sister of mine. Thanks for the photoshoot.
Hugs and kisses .... and lots of grown-up dreams,
~ Jean Marie ~
Psalm 103


  1. Sweet pictures :)
    Favorites are 3rd from last and 2nd from last.
    Such lovely, sweet girls you are!


  2. Love the precious sister pictures! Very sweet and dear.

  3. I love these, Jean!

    You an Kim look so gorgeous! And I have to agree with Emily... my favorites are also the 3rd from last and 2nd from last.

    Beautiful.... :D

    Love you,

  4. Beautiful Pics!!!
    My favorite is the 2nd from the last too!

    Cherish these moments together with your sister...they are rare precious jewels :)


  5. Love the last one. Too bad I couldn't have been there! :)

  6. Lovely Friends,

    It is a joy to see these photos of your smiles and sweetness. It makes me miss y'all more than ever!

    Please either come and visit or meet us halfway in Georgia or get married so I may see y'all once again! :-)



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