How now, brown cow? Take 2 -

"How now, brown cow?
Hear you, me, now I plea ...
Do you have some sweet milk to share with me?

It's not hard to see, that my ordering from thee
is not of grain and barley, for thy 4 stomachs,
but of a give and take for the famished family of me.

It's not greedy or presumptuous, because I
have a need - for some warm, frothy goodness that
thee doth provide, since God so ordained it ... and
HEY! Get your hairy hide away from MINE FOOTSTOOL!

The cow doth render services unlovingly,
so I leave her to her mooning and lowing,
and set off to glean the sweet smelling harvest,
from the nearby grove of orange trees ....

How now, brown cow?
Never you mind, someday you'll figure out -
You ain't ALL the bee's knees." :D


Yes, I know, it was short and silly.
However, you have no idea how hard it is
to find fun poems on brown cows, so I decided
to write my own, with a somewhat old twist to it. :)
I hope you enjoyed a moment of frivolity.

I love you all,
in my Savior do I rest,
~ Jean Marie ~

(pictures totally unstaged, except for the last one)


  1. <3 made me smile!
    Thanks, Love!

  2. Cute, Jean! ;)

    He's got some big horns!

  3. Thanks, ya'll! It made me smile too! :) And yes, Lauren, She has some big horns. :) Thanks for leaving comments!

    ~ Jean Marie

  4. The brown cows of the world should feel very proud to receive your lovely poetic tribute. :) --mcd


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