2010 Winter Conference -

Hey, ya'll!

Well, yesterday and today, my family and I were privileged to a special treat in the Ligonier Academy 2010 Winter Conference. This was their first, and it was a stunner. When we got the flier in the mail about it, I waved it in the air, and told my Mom - "I really, really want to go to this. If I have to pay my way and go alone, I will. I just want to go.", because the topic was: "Suffering and the Sovereignty of God", the speakers were Derek Thomas and RC Sproul, and cue the introduction for the last 4 months of my life.

It was well worth all the anticipation and expectations.

It was a small conference, compared to the national conference that Ligonier holds every year, and it was at St. Andrew's Chapel in Sanford. Last night was a Question and Answer Session, where we were invited to write down questions, and they would answer some - we always look forward to these sessions, as great insight and much laughter is always shared. :) Then today were four sermons, two by Derek Thomas and two by RC Sproul, with breaks in between, as well as one more Q & A session. (by the way, both Q & A sessions included much laughter and jokes on football, due to RC's love for that, and Derek's complete lack of it. :D )

LONG breaks. :) We were not accustomed to such breaks, but we thoroughly enjoyed the long walks around the pond and the church and campus grounds, as it was a lovely day! The Lord blessed us with a cool breeze, a warm sun, and happy waterfowl. :) Ducks, swimming in circles, to be exact. :)

Everyone relaxed outside on the grounds during the breaks, because it was such a beautiful day, and do you see the happy ducks? :D

Ligonier has mentioned that the audio and video will hopefully be up on their site in a few weeks, and when it is up, I will blog it - I highly encourage you to read and watch it!! Until then, I hope to blog some of my 10 pages of notes . And that was just in 1 day and 1 night! :)

Included for this post are a few pictures that I enjoyed taking today, with some quotes from the seminar. Oh! ... if you have not seen the new building of St. Andrews, may I say that it is so very very beautiful, amazing, cathedral-like, reverent and um. HUGE. It's like a castle. I love it. :)

Q: "What is the biggest opportunity for the 21st century church in the future?"
A: Preaching the PURE GOSPEL and being prepared to suffer.

"The REAL moral dilemma is not the belief that the devil is in charge, but the belief that GOD is NOT in control. God was at the very heart of Job's suffering, and all our suffering, because He, alone, ordains what comes to pass."

"Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him; He has put Him to grief."
"Jesus, Himself, will see all the riches and fruits of His travail for redemption."
"The promise - the joy of the suffering. Being satisfied and finding joy amidst pain and suffering is knowing that any labor in work is not in vain, that our joy is in our Savior, and in the hope for our HOME.

I hope to blog more on this seminar, but that's all for tonight! It's been a wonderful day, but a long one, and my body is aching for a rest! :) May you have a blessed Lord's day, and as RC said today - "I RELISH and REJOICE every time I come to worship here (church), knowing we are THIS close to Heaven and the real thing...that church is a small taste of what Heaven is, and that one day we will see it and live it, and we will see Christ in ALL the fullness of His glory." AMEN! :D

Much, much love to all my blog readers,
thankfulness to the Most High God,
Who WILL wipe away every tear, one day,
~ Jean Marie
Isaiah 53

I'm sorry. I can't help it.
Please don't ask me why my Mother is avoiding looking directly at the camera, but is instead focused on some point over my right shoulder, because I don't know, but please instead notice how downright mischievous and adorable my Father looks. (don't worry, he actually takes "adorable" as a compliment, having only girls in the house. :) Mom looks awesome too, but avoiding the camera is a little .... odd. :D Hee hee! I love my family!
Thanks for readin', ya'll be family, now! :)


  1. Lovely, Jean. So glad your family could go.--mcd

  2. Jean-Marie ~

    I'm looking forward to reading your posts about the Conference. We also got the postcard, however timing to attend is not in our "season". Your pictures give a glimpse at the beauty of the weekend and the reminder of beauty in 'suffering'.

    Blessings ~


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