Momma Lynn's birthday! -

Dearest Momma Lynn ...
Happy Birthday to you!!!

You have no idea how much you encourage,
cheer and represent a Godly wife and momma
to all of us "kids" in "our gang". :)
Sometimes when us girls get together,
we talk about all our Mommas,
and just love it that you allow us to call you
our Momma too, even though we're not really related.
In fact, that's all I call you around the house. :)
You are an amazing woman,
and you make me laugh - REALLY HARD.

For instance, I was reading back through our e-mails
to see what I could find in quotes, and you said this
about stealing one of my pictures of yourself -
"I had no self-control at all". HAHAahhaa! :D
( the rest of her family is equally as funny, it's amazing,
and they are a joy to be around! love you all!)

Momma Lynn leaves comments that are little poems
on everyone's blogs to tell them what she loved,
and encourage them in Godliness,
she calls me dearest,
and when she sees me ... sometimes she does this -
it's like my own Sound of Music welcoming committee.
How awesome is THAT?
(can you see several of her kids smiling? yes, they are used to it)
hahaha. I love it.

I see her guidance and love in her children,
Gabe, Zander and Michelle,
and the way she respects her husband.

and I see her reflected in her precious girly, Michelle. :)

She dances with her children and her husband ...
... and she laughs. I know. I've seen it. :)

Momma Lynn, I love you so much!!
Thank you for being a Godly example to me!
You make me smile. :)
Happy Birthday!

~ Jean Marie ~
Psalm 103

Oh! and leave a happy birthday
comment for her if you want!


  1. Happy Birthday Momma Lynn!!!

    That second picture is one of my all time favorite pictures. It's so her! And the guys behind her super awesome body guards. Glorious.

    T. Sweets out! (Bahahahaha)

  2. Laura,
    I printed out what you wrote to me for my b/d and read it periodically; it brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. You are indeed special as Jean Marie says. I am thankful she has you in her life as an example of Godly womanhood as well as an encouragement. Thanks dear friend. Mary Ellen

  3. My heart faints at the goodness,
    the kindness,
    the encouragement,
    the happiness
    of your prose Miss Jean Marie Dearest.
    I had to go look in the mirror to be sure
    it was me you speak of! :)
    Christ in me, the hope of glory is all I want to see.
    He truly has redeemed my life from the pit.

    As I walk in the newness of this year, you pray Psalm 103 for my life...especially the last verse,
    Bless the Lord, all his works in all places of his dominion:
    Bless the Lord, O my soul.

    May he continue to fashion us as an adornment
    to his throne.

    Thank you, kind, loving friends.
    Your friendship magnifies His blessing on my life.

    Love Abiding,
    {{* *}}

  4. Happy Birthday Mrs. Lynn, you are indeed an encouragement to everyone that you meet. May God Bless you the way only God can :-)

    Joel :-)


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