Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I:Heart:Faces texture!! -

This week over at I:heart:faces, they are having a textures challenge!
I was very, very challenged. HAha. :) I do not take pictures of
texture AND faces combined, so finding one was hard.

And yet, there it was. And I fell in love.
... and almost started crying.
Because even though it's a capture of
a best friend playing with some lace,
I can't help but think of a wedding day, that I'm praying for
in God's perfect timing, and what a gorgeous piece of lace
that will appear, as it is draped over her beautiful face.
(don't tell me you aren't crying yet too!) :)

I did not add any texture to it, but edited it to my happiness.
Hope ya'll love it like I do.

... Anna ~ I LOVE YOU!!!

In our Lord Jesus,
~ Jean Marie ~

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Emily Rachael said...

what more can i say?
i:♥:this face! :)
nice job, jean!

Emily Elizabeth said...

Beautiful! I really really like this...and not just because I love who's behind that (gorgeous) lace, but it's an awesome picture :)))