Miss. Renee' Joy -

Dear Renee' Joy -
Happy 13th birthday, darling!!
I can't believe you are 13...WOW! :D
I hope you had such a fun day yesterday,
I would've put this up then, but I don't post on Sundays,
and ... it wasn't ready. haha. :D

I can't believe how many birthdays
we've had in a row here on the blog!
Kind of like the amount of weddings in a row. :D
All these pictures are from wedding trips!

Renee Joy, it's been a delight to see you
grow up into a young lady, sweet and graceful,
tender, loving, generous, and obedient to God.
I thank God for the time that He has allowed
for us to spend together, on trips and at our houses.
You are a special girl, and I love you so much!!

I hope you enjoy scrolling down through some
sweet and hilarious memories! :D
(these are all from weddings in '09 in MO!)

Audra's wedding. March '09. MO - LOVE!

Sweet girl friends, Abby C., and Renee' Joy.

Mama and daughter. Mrs. L., Renee' Joy,
and Stephen in the yonder background. :)

Sister, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters! :D
Jessica and Renee' Joy.

HAHahaha Haaha! Did I mention she is hilarious!
I love how my friends make me laugh!! :D

Beth Ten Dolle wedding April '09, MO.
Sweet friends - Gloria B., and Renee' Joy.
(I think it's kind of wrong that they are this adorable
and lovely at this age...I mean, I wasnt!haha!)

Dear girl.

We were exploring a very deep mine shaft.
We weren't. We were on a playground,
and were descending into a tunnel, but that's what
I SAID we were doing. Which is why she's laughing at me.

Renee' Joy with "one of my dearest friends EVER",
Lydia S. :) Yes, that
is a direct quote. :)
Ice skating after Rebecca Loomis' wedding, Nov. '09, MO.

Happy 13th birthday, Renee Joy, and
may God continue to grow you into a woman
who finds her ultimate joy and worth in Jesus Christ!

With love and hugs,
~ Jean Marie ~
Psalm 103


  1. Happy Birthday, Miss Renée!!!

    May the Lord bless you and keep you this year and always!

    Hopefully we will be able to see you again sometime soon...

    Love in Christ,
    another Renée~ :-)

  2. Happy Birthday, Renée! (A little late :P)

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday :)



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