A parody song of the g-chattin' woes.

Hello, everyone.

(cough) Thank you for coming. :) Becca and I would like to dedicate our parody song of g-chattin' woes to those who are away, namely: Emily Case, the Hopes, and the Stone ladies. We were sad and bewailing our loneliness on Wednesday night, and came up with this song together, and it helped cheer us up a wee bit(if "a wee bit" defines laughing hysterically, not breathing well, and tears in your eyes). If it brings even half of the hilarity and laughter to you as it did to us, you will be sore pressed to breathe for a lil' while! We hope very much that you enjoy it!

In all seriousness and much joyfulness as well, Becca and I would like to say - "We missed you!". I believe this song is proof of that. :) We love you all....

A laughin' lass am I,
~ Jean Marie

“Teardrops on our Keyboards” July 1, 2009 10pm-11pm
Idea and Main line by Becca Foster, lyrics by Jean Marie F.

"They left Gabe, Becca & I, we put “busy” so they can’t see,
That we want & we need them to talk on g-chat so - it’s not just us 3,
We bet it’s wonderful - Boston and camp,
And they’ve got memories that we have to live without!

They left blogs and chats, we read & re-read them tearily,
That we can't even see anything when they are not chattin’ free
They say they couldn’t wait, they finally found the dream,
We wonder if they know they’re all we talk about on chat!


They’re the reason for the teardrops on our key-boards!
Their name & picture boxes keep saying - “off and closed”
They’re the ones we want to write blogposts on, don’t know why we do

I log on to g-chat, can anyone tell that I can’t breathe?
For there the boxes - lie silent and cold,
I crumple into a lonely weeping ball,
They’d better be havin’ fun, laughing hysterically,
Chatting with everyone, while we are sobbing woefully, ‘cause-

[Repeat Chorus]

So we’ll stay home alone, and turn off the chats,
we’ll put their pictures down and maybe
Get some sleep tonight!

They’re the reason for the teardrops on our keyboards!
Their vacations left us sobbing the g-chatting woes.
They’re the songs we sing in quiet, but end crying pathetically,
They were time takin’ up, but they’re worth every word,
And they’re all that we need to chat again …

When will they come back home, we’re longing for the gang,
Yes, us three."

Original lyrics by Taylor Swift…we are not attempting to break a copyright, as it is doubtful we could make money off such hilarity and silliness. Thank you.


  1. Such creative expression of endearment!

    Just imagine the stories to be told upon their return!

    ...and they shall,
    what with friends like this to be had.

    {{* *}}

  2. I don't know what to say.... But by now the Stones should be home so you are probably doing fine. :)

  3. ...wow...
    What CAN I say? :D
    Nice to know we were missed!
    Love you guys!
    ~Anna :)

  4. genius......pure genius! We should get a job doing this!

    Okay, this is so unfair....you have three comments....I have none!

    Love ya

  5. hahahaha!

    That gave me a good laugh! We missed ya'll too!

    However, I am back now and will be posting shortly! :D

    Looking forward to chatting with you soon...

  6. Oh my, I love it. I just now got the time to read the whole thing. I started it up in Boston but couldn't finish it. Thank you! It's so funny :) And when I read it goes to the tune of "Teardrops on my guitar" I could not help but laugh. Your version is MUCH better :D

    All my love,


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