Happy 21st Anniversary!

... to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stone! :D Today is their 21st wedding anniversary, and I am so joyfully thankful to God for them both! They have been such an encouragement, personally, to me. They've chastened and corrected, they've hugged and loved me, they've exhibited true hospitality in their home over and over.... and over! :D They've talked with me and listened to me, and been such wonderful best friends' parents! They've kept the faith...they're fighting the fight. They've been such wonderful and special people to know.

Happy 21st anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Stone! May you continue to strive for that which cannot be blown away in the dust of this world...the continuation of God's laws in your family and children, the furthering of God's kingdom and teaching of the gospel, the life built upon the hope and true knowledge that this world is not our home, and the joy of trusting in our most Holy and Almighty God as King, Savior and Holy Spirit. I am praying for all these things and so much more ... with thanksgiving for friends such as you both. I love you!!!

For the glory unto the One who ordained it all so -
~ Jean Marie


  1. So sweet Jean! Thanks for the special post for Mom and Dad! They are my favorite parents...EVER!!!
    ~Anna :)

  2. Oh, yes, Mr. and Mrs. Stone!! Much love and prayers for you . . .

  3. Happy Anniversary Mike & Julia!!!

  4. They are a beautiful tree
    from which comes good, sweet, fruit.

    Truly treasures.

    {{* *}}

    Matthew 7


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