Flying tips -

I just wrote a comment on someone's blog, giving a few flying tips. Instead of stashing this away in some hidden corner of my computer, I decided to blog it. If I ever come up with a more hilarious and long and intelligent version, I will post that too, never fear. For now - Jean's flying tips.

So long, ya'll! Have a wonderful weekend!
~ Jean Marie
1. Pray. Pray for joy of flying, viewing God's creation, joy and exhilaration in getting to do something fun, or scary. Whatever.
2. If you are in a window seat, look out and DOWN at God's world as much as possible before you get a crick in your neck. It's amazing how much time you can pass and enjoy this during the flight.
3. Chew gum, if you fly through turbulence sit forward in your seat, laugh at your flipping stomach, and think how much better this plane is than a cargo airforce plane. You've got it good.
4. If all else fails, listen to your ipod, take off your shoes, curl up in the seat like a kid and go to sleep.
I do ALL of this, in fact, I enjoy it so much, that my "schedule" uses all of these, and it's like ... the best ever. Haha.
There's mine! :D
God bless, and have FUN!
~ Jean Marie