Sarah is here!!!

Hello! Well, the time has come....and um, now is, I suppose. Sarah Magee from Salisbury, U.K. has arrived! And I am enjoying her immensely. We thought we should do a arrival post, with pictures, of course, because we know you all are dying to see the details. :D Haha. So, Mom and I were in Orlando since 12 noon, and went to various and sundry places, and then at 5pm we arrived at the airport.

And checked in and went to park. We drove up to the second level of the parking garage, and went through rows H to N, and okay, only H and I were filled with cars....I am on the phone with Dad, and thinking we are going to be parking at any minute, and finally I notice that we are just going up and down all these rows of perfectly wonderful empty parking spaces! I start laughing, and Dad groans when I tell him on the was pretty funny. We pulled in and out of like 4 spaces, and Mom finally parks in row M. Anyway. It was funny...then we rearranged the entire car, and went inside. We did that because we knew we would be early. We got to the security check, and waited for the next 35 minutes. And her plane (the London Gatwick one) was in range! YAY!
And then it arrived....bottom of top screen, at 5:35 pm. YAY!
So....we waited until 6:10, and Mom went and asked someone and we found out we were not at the international terminal part of B! GAH! So, we walked(cough) some ran, over to this place, and waited until 7pm, with lots of other people waiting for this London flight...we got to laugh and enjoy several couples that had quite good senses of British humor, and tried to be patient. And not worry. Customs slowed everything down, apparently...there were lots of people.
The ginormous Christmas tree, although it was a bit lost without the music.

Mom talking on the phone to kill time. She called Dad like three times. Haha.
And then there was this advertisement for Sleighbell Coffee Blend and Ovensong Gingerbread Marble Loaf Cake....sheesh, people. Just say Gingerbread Cake and hot coffee. :D Mom is going to kill me for posting this, but we were laughing over it, and that lady on the right was glaring at me. :D Sorry, but this is my hilarious mother that I am taking pictures of, be HAPPY!
And eventually.......after MUCH waiting and anticipation, she arrived! YAY! Many huge hugs were had, and quite a bit of excitement, and dearest Mom took this picture in front of the NASA store. We will pretend it was Endeavor, since she(shuttle) returns on Sunday. :D
And this morning for a special treat...we had Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls with icing! So. Good.! :D It really took me back to when I was little, shopping with my grandparents in Atlanta.
So, ya'll, check back in periodically, because we will be doing fun things in preparation for Thanksgiving, and just having fun in general. Leave a comment, and give a shout-out to Sarah for being here!
Love to all,
Jean Marie


  1. Hi Sarah!!!!!
    You're looking lovely and I can't wait to see you again in person! :) The picture of you two is swell! (Jean has 'excitement' written all over her face :) *hahaha*
    Glad you made it safely to the U.S.

  2. Oh, dear Sarah! It is so good to see a picture of your lovely sweet face! Much Love . . . In Christ, Kimberly

  3. What a gift! You actually made a trip to the airport sound like fun!! Maybe it would be better put that you actually MADE a trip to the airport FUN! I don't know which would be harder but good job either way. You have such a lively and entertaining writing style. :>) Have fun with your guest!


  4. Thank you all...we are having lots of fun already, and I may even, stress the (MAY) let Sarah write a guest post! :D And....Mrs. Poole, I really love going to the airport, but it was a little long this time. :)


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