A bit more Thanksgiving.

Here are a few more pictures from Thanksgiving....dessert time, and our guitar and piano jam session.

Here is the dessert table...spread with two kinds of pie, ice cream, whipped cream, and coffee.

I like this shot just because it is so focused and neat. Welcome to my world. Haha. I could tell you a really hilarious "Ah-ha!" moment that had to do with one of these pressurized cans, but then again, I could NOT...especially since it was only last year that it happened. Moving on....
Homemade by Mama - pumpkin pie.
And Homemade by Mama - Rhubarb pie, which is the BEST!
The frosty ice cream....
Hot black coffee made by Daddy.
Sarah's hands so politely folded in her lap.
Mr. G's guitar....a very nice one, I might add. He blessed us with some beautiful Christmas carols. Thank you!
Daddy playin' on his guitar...well experienced for 30 years or so.
Daddy playing.
Daddy and Mr. G. discussing picks and strumming techniques, I believe. :D Don't ask me, I have my guitar, but only play by ear....I'm just the photographer here.
And...no matter how many times I did this, it still would not stay rotated, so I am sorry. Here is Miss. Nita and Mrs. G. looking through Sarah's Psalter that she brought from England.
And if you want to know why I wasn't smiling in this picture, don't ask me, because I don't know! I looked over, Dad had the camera, and I thought...is that mine? Oh...I think it is. :D
And just to leave you with some stunning color and amazement over God's creation....here is a tiny bud on our Christmas Cactus...Christmas is coming!!! This is my third favorite shot.
Ya'll be family, now, and come back!
In Christ,
Jean Marie


  1. I really enjoyed seeing your posts! Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks, Lauren...we did have a good Thanksgiving...hope you did as well!

  3. Jean, I LOVE your pictures!!!!!

  4. THANK YOU!!!! :D
    Love to you, Molly -
    ~ JM


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