Friday, November 14, 2008

Driving someone crazy

Just to drive a certain someone crazy until I get my Barberville post up -


The Stone Family said...

Are you happy?!?!?
You drove me crazy!
But hey, it's one more Barberville picture than before! ;)
Love ya, dahlin' and can't WAIT to see that post!

Olivia Christine said...
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Olivia Christine said...

Jean!!!!!! You are silly! I have a new blog! It;s! Love ya!

~ Olivia Cristine!!!!

Joseph H. said...

That's just tooo meean!! But Emily, nice Glasses. 8)

The Stone Family said...

Thanks, Guiseppe! :D
I rather like them myself B-)

Anna Grace said...

hee hee

Emily said...

and fyi,
it's spelled Barberville :)
Love ya!

Lauren Hope said...


We're getting impatient for your Barberville pics Jean!! It was 2 weeks ago! ;D j/k... I know I was pretty slow as well...

The Stone Family said...

Will you PLEASE post! It's getting rather embarrasing to see myself as the top post... plus, I just want to see the new one :D
Love ya!