Barberville Post 2

I know you all will be so excited for this post. YAY! Thanks to Miss. Sarah Magee for allowing me the time to write this. She is happy because she is eating ice cream right now while I am cold in my sweater. Haha. So, this is the second installment of the Barberville posts.

So, after Jubal's Kin concert time, the Amundsens, Stones, Hopes, Rebecca and I all talked with each other, enjoying catching up a bit, and oh, taking pictures and laughing at each other. Or with.... :D It all depends on whom you ask.

Here is sweet little Mattie A. and Emily S. I just love this cute picture!

And Mrs. Amundsen putting an instrument away. Talking to little Mattie....hey, I warned you before, remember? She is just a favorite subject with those curls going everywhere, and big smile....get used to seeing her. Haha.

Anna talking to Mattie...she is not being grumpy, just concentrating on what she is saying. :D
Lauren...Smile! Good, great...great. Oh....really pretty. Why is she so pretty?

Okay....I have no idea if she knew that I was shooting her, but she just cannot be this photogenic all the time...that would be unfair. And Joseph? Look at that! Maybe it runs in their blood. He needs to be a guy model for L.L. Bean or something. :D
GAH! SO. Pretty. It. Is. Unfair! Awww.....sweet! I just want to squish her in a hug!
Lauren, Joseph and I walked over to look at the flowers, and boy, were they lovely. This is a favorite shot. I seem to be getting a lot of those, now that I have this Nikon d40. :)
A happy butterfly on some very happy flowers...hey, they were happy because it was sunny! A happy moth on another flower.

I think the people do a good job at keeping everything so nice, it must be a big job.
This is where I bought my lunch of one hot dog, and one hamburger, and they were good! Um, if you know me, you will understand why I like this picture, and it is for one simple thing....can you guess it? Sky, roof, sign, trees, clouds.... nope, it is because of the rust! Yes, you heard that right...I love rust. I love to take pictures of fact, one of my friends took a rust shot just for me! How loving of her. :D So, that is why I like this shot.

This lady seemed to be enjoying her hot dog and root beer. :D I smile every time I see this. :)
This wagon caught my eye, and I envisioned myself going riding on a fair Sunday behind horses. And singing hymns all the way. And being dressed in prarie dress.
The sun shining on this roof made it shine like silver. It was a lovely day...perfect weather.
The ice cream building...where we would buy treats later. :D YAY for tractor engine run, old "Hit and Miss" engine run ice cream!

And yay for November and fall grain stacks! No, that is not snow on the ground, it is cotton.
This young lad was very enamoured by something or other. :D Cute little chap.

Blue skies, smilin' at me, nothin' but blue skies, do I see!

Another family band that I enjoyed very much. Oh, and Gailanne on the far right. :)

Roger and Mattie - both Gailanne and Roger are such good older siblings to Mattie and Jeffrey, at least, whenever I am around them. :D
A tree that I liked...I mean, what is there not to like? Big, strong, tall, majestic.... I love trees.
A beekeeper's stand. They had a very nice patriotic and autumn display. And free honey samples!
Well, I hope you all enjoyed those! I know I did...I'll be taking a break from Barberville posts for Thanksgiving, and for some Fambrough/Magee events photos. Ya'll come back now! :D
~ Jean Marie


  1. What else is there to say but...

    Every time I see a Barberville picture I think about how much fun I had :)
    Can't wait to see more

  2. Great pics, Jean! Your shots really reflect... well... YOU! I think that's great. :)

    I always have a hard time liking myself in pictures! lol Though I will say I like these pics of me better than the last Barberville pics (of me) that you posted. ;o) I'm looking forward to seeing your next Barberville post(s) (and any in between)!

    Hope you and Sarah are having a great time!


  3. Wow, you got nice pictures. I wish I would have taken more pictures, oh well.
    Great one of me, I almost got into focus. :P. I must be one of your prime subjects! haha

  4. Such good pictures, Jean! I so love looking at them! It brings back memories. . . . I miss it. :( I hope Sarah dear is enjoying this? love to you both . . . In Christ, Kimberly

  5. Lovely, lovely... lovely!
    I absolutely love your post, Jean!
    And all those cute pictures of Mattie...! What can I say?
    Had so much fun with the Fambroughs, Hopes, Amundsens and everyone else we met and got reaquainted with!
    Love ya!

  6. Ditto to the above comments! :D
    Jean, I can really tell what you enjoyed by the pictures. They're so you, and yet, so YOU! *hehee*
    Love you!
    ~Anna :)
    (PS) Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night! *ho ho ho* :)

    I couldn't resist, Jean dear! I was just thinking about Barberville thinking about the jam and I was wanting to look back at the posts everyone did :D
    Love ya and see ya Friday!


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