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** As for re-doing and re-uploading all the pictures, I did it...I ended up deleting the other post, let me tell you, I am having technical difficulties with this blog, and if the print ends up wrong, I'm sorry, everyone, but I can't fix it, so please, give me grace. Thank you. (Long-suffering sigh)

* For an explanation as to why this post took so incredibly long to do, I have only one thing to say- I needed someone's help. Someone who actually knew what they were doing kind of help. So, the Stone girls dropped by on Sunday night and helped me SO much, and that is why I am now posting. Part of the problem was because I did not know I needed to center post my pictures...I now know this important thing, and will do it from now on, after I have uploaded 36 pictures, I am not doing it over. So deal with it, please, and give me grace for lyrics on the side. Okay? Thank you!!!

* Hello! I know this is the LONG awaited post from some of my readers, I have long awaited it as well. I wanted to make two things perfectly clear – ~ I have just started this, and half the time have NO idea what I am doing, so be patient with me. and ~Pictures are taken by me unless otherwise noted.

I am still WAY excited about this blog, and enjoying it immensely. So. Here we go – Saturday, November 1st, my family and I drove over to the town of Barberville that is about an hour from our home, to go to their Fall Jamboree. We used to go almost every year since I was about 10, but hadn't gone the past two years. We were really looking forward to going again, especially because we were going to spend more time enjoying the music. And enjoy we did.

Before we went to Barberville, however, we went to one of our favorite breakfast places in that area. The Ponce De Leon Springs Old Spanish Sugar Mill. Much discussion and laughter was had by the three of us as we tried to say Ponce De Leon correctly. I said that people in Atlanta, GA, said it "Ponz de LEON", and we should as well, but we decided instead to say it the Spanish way which I cannot even write down, however a problem ensued after that, that we would start laughing every time we said it! It was quite hilarious...and provided for a joyful entrance into this beautiful place. Because we reached there at about 9am, we were seated as soon as we walked through the door. It is a place that they have cast iron griddles set into the tables, and you are able to fix your eggs and pancakes in front of you. The mill has been transformed into a restaurant, but the iron wheel and machinery is still inside, wood benches and walls, the doors open to let in the cool morning breeze, and a lovely view of the springs outside, it is such a lovely place that takes you back several hundred years.

Here I am contemplating? Ha, ha, ha…
Unfortunately, we did not take many pictures inside due to the lighting. However, as soon as I finished eating, I left Mom and Dad to finish up, and walked out past the spring to go on the short 1 mile nature walk that is, basically, a loop. I wanted to take a couple pictures of "Old Methuselah", a 400-500 year old Bald Cypress that is on the walk. As I briskly walked down the path, a kindly caretaker passed me in his 4 wheeler, calling out that he had "cleared all the spider webs" for me. I thanked him with a laugh and a smile. And here are some pictures that I took on that gorgeous walk viewing God’s works in creation.
The pretty little wildflower that demanded attention for being alone.

A bench invited me to sit awhile, but I didn't have much time...oh, sweet peace and quiet.

This is what greets you on the return walk...a green arch of ivy and oak. Now we get to "Old Methuselah", this cypress tree is so old and wonderfully tall that I couldn't get it all in one picture, I backed up as far as I could where you could still see the is so big around, but just the age blows me away.

So, say it is at least 400 years old, that is 1608! Wow!

The wetlands were filled with shallow pools of shimmery water that cool morning. The towering oak, cypress and pine overhead gave you the "Cathedral" feel, and wrought amazement out of me for the Lord's creation.

This tree had fallen, and was SO long...the caretakers had sliced it up, which explains the next picture.

Oh, so cool. I like doing shots like that.
Let me remind you that my walk was supposed to be 20 minutes at most, it was a quick one, and I ran back the rest of the way, because we had to get to I came back to the springs, this is the sweet sight that I saw. My parents enjoying each other and the beautiful scenery. :D

And then I decided right then....I had to have a mini photoshoot. No matter how inexperienced I am, I had to take pictures of my parents and God's amazingness. So I did.

Awwww. SO sweet! Most of the posing Dad sets off...and Mom just ends up smiling and laughing. Which is wonderful for me!
Mama looks like a little dolly.

A favorite shot.

Oh, yes, we must have one of those "CHEESE" moments...there's me. Taken by Dad.

The can see on the left, that is where the water is bubbling up from, causing the ripple. The water is about 60 degrees, yipe! Cold! Pink spot is the sun flare.

And the other side of the bridge, the spring water rushes constantly down this riverway.

Dad took this of the mill and spring.
Gurgling, rushing, splashing, the sound of the water moving is like music to the visitors of this "shore".
One little ducky...

The water wheel of the mill-turned-resturant.

Another shot...the morning smells of breakfast ham, eggs, pancakes, bacon and coffee mingling with woodsmoke, crisp air and spring water made us sigh with happiness.

I love, love, love this shot of Daddy. He is such a gentle, kind and wonderful man. Oh, and did I mention handsome? :D

The 1800's iron mill machinery that belongs to the original mill. Big, solid, and heavy is what comes to mind.

The original wheel that went through two wars and something like two fires? Pretty amazing...I've yet to see anything from the past 50 years surpass that!

Daddy took this great shot, as we headed back towards the car. The morning light shining through Spanish moss, dappling the green lawn, and flecking spots on the fence and flowers just made us stop and enjoy it for a couple minutes! And believe me, it was well worth it!

Because we saw these lovely flowers and old-fashioned arches, and got something!

Daddy took a picture of me shooting, which is fun.
Dad took this one of Mom and I...yes, I really am that much taller than my mother. :D

The wind constantly was brushing and lifting these blossoms on the trees, making it hard to get a good shot.

Awww.....Mummy and Daddy.
Then we had to get my traditional picture in this tree....every time we've come here, I've sat in this tree, and Dad has taken a picture of me...since about 8 years ago.

They turned out awesome, and I can brag because I wasn't shooting them. :D Hah. This tree is one of my favorites, it's a Living Oak, and they are SO fun to climb, and so restful to sit on, due to their smooth surface.

And if any of you readers have seen the 2005 Pride and Prejudice, you will understand why I love this picture....this oak is HUGE, most of them are, and mom looked so old-fashioned and picturesque walking below it on the left, that if I could take out the cars, and put her in Austen dress, I would have a perfect Austen shot! Ahhhh! Anyway...thanks for reading...ya'll come back, now!
~ Jean Marie


  1. Oh, Jean!
    I'm so happy you posted this and that we were able to help you!
    I've never noticed how much you look like your mom before. :)
    I love the last pic. It really reminds me of Emma, I think!
    Love you!

  2. Jean dear, these pictures are beautiful; but I have to say my favorites are the ones with those three very special people. . . . :)
    Love In Christ, Kimberly

  3. GREAT JEAN, GREAT! Loved seeing your "morn. of Barberville" pics. :) That place looks simply stunning...peaceful. Can't wait to see the rest of everything!
    Many blessings,
    Box Buddy :D

  4. Great Post... I love it. No wonder it took you so long to do Barberville. Your pre B-ville post is longer then my sister's and the stone's posts combined ...nice.

  5. Oh....Giuseppe, that name never fails to make me smile, it's not going to get old anytime soon. :)

    Thank you, everyone! Any tips for how to change what is happening with my font and size? PLEASE! Otherwise, I guess I will have to just bear it.

    Love you, Em, Kim, Box Buddy, and Gui. God bless.
    ~ Jean Marie


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