Barberville Post 1

Hello! Yes, the long-awaited Barberville post...well, the first of two, or three, depending. :) So, here we go - oh, and I still am frustrated and have no idea what is going on with my font size, again, until I get some help about it, please give me grace. Thank you!

As soon as we arrived, we headed to one of the main playing places where Jubal's Kin had been playing for a bit, it had been a while since I had seen them, so I was grinning quite big, seeing them again. And then looked around for the Stone and Amundsen families...

And look who spotted me, got out of her seat, and came and gave me a big hug - Miss Emily Stone....who was looking so sweet and lovely, like normal.
While Jubal's Kin continued to play, we took some shots, and headed over to talk to Mrs. Amundsen(the mother of Jubal's Kin, so to speak), and little Mattie. I'm warning you now, she is a favorite photo subject of mine, and you will see quite a few cute shots later of her. :D
Then, we rushed over to another stage, where Anna was playing with her group that is under Mrs. Moros, they are called The Fiddling Krickets, and I SO enjoyed hearing their wonderful fiddle songs, they were very good! Ms. Kricket, and Rebecca playing -
The group shot minus the guitar players...Anna is third from left. YAY!
And then Jubal's Kin played after that, the same routine, to a different crowd, left: Gailanne, right: Roger.
A wider shot...I must say, it was quite a special feeling, knowing the musicians that were playing, especially because they are such sweet people, and also because they are awesome!
Their instruments...I just couldn't stop taking pictures, it was TOO much fun! Haha,haha.
Emily Stone laughed at me for taking this picture, but I love it...oh, Roger was wounded, he rolled his ankle, and was on crutches...his foot was quite swollen at the end of the day. :(
And we got to hear Jeffrey play, too! He is also part of Jubal's Kin, and plays bass, which completely amazes me, because it looks so hard to me! And Gailanne on banjo, which I loved.
And now I simply must tell you possibly one of the most funny things out of the day - we all were laughing about it beforehand, but see, Anna, Emily, Lauren Hope and I all had our cameras. Anna has her Canon Rebel XTI, and Lauren and I have Nikon d40's, and Emily had Anna's Fuji P&S, and Rebecca, a friend of ours, had her phone, the five of us were on the front row, taking pictures, and laughing as we wondered when Gailanne and Roger would realize that the paparazzi were sitting in the front row, taking 55 pictures of them. :D Unfortunately, that great moment was not captured on camera, as I had just turned mine off, however, Roger's huge smile that crossed his face was something I won't forget anyway. :D
The row of us - Emily, Rebecca, Lauren, and Anna on the end.

We all got a lot of hilarity out of it, and Anna noticed I couldn't stop giggling. :D I love her. in motion...with a lovely face besides. That is Miss. Lauren Hope.
I like this shot, just because Emily didn't know I was taking it.
And here is one of her purse creations, which are lovely and amazing, btw. Head on over to her website, and check it out! And...have one made! Her website.
This lady looked like a walking doll in her lovely gown, pushing her mother, I presume, around. I loved her was so pretty!
And the flags snapping in the breeze is where I am ending this post. More to come soon. Ya'll come back now, don't be strangers! Be friends....and family! Hah, ha, ha....God bless.


  1. Oh, Jean dear! - Such lovely pictures!
    Love In Christ,

  2. Great post Jean! ...except for that first pic of me *sigh* lol At least ANNA looks good! ;P Next time we get together I'm going to get some shots of YOU! hahaha ...just kidding... :) I especially like your flag pic!

  3. Hi Jean,
    I found your blog through the Stones blog.
    I love the picture of all of us sitting in the front row.
    ...And just by the way my name is spelled Rebecca.

    Great Barberville Pics
    Hope to see you again soon,

  4. *Pomp and Circumstance music*
    It is now my pleasure to present to you, Jean's Barberville post of 2008!
    *hat toss*

    Jean I adore the post! Good times...GOOD times. :)The hilarity of the paparazzi shall I say it? Unforgetable? Roger's (bewildered) smile was SO comical.
    Love you so much too! I pray we shall convene at the next Barberville celebration as well!
    Looking forward to more B-ville posts!
    (PS) Lauren, you looked FINE in those pics...just lovely! :D

  5. Well, pretty much all has been said that can be said about this post...
    I can sum it up in one word, I believe:

    Love ya!

  6. :*D
    <3 <3 <3


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