Sunshine in a Mason Jar -

Today I got home from piano and it was currently 88 degrees outside. It didn't feel like 88 degrees. It felt like 88 degrees with a heat rating of 95. hahaha. Spring has sprung and left, and Summer is here. Record early. ;) I was craving some lemonade, so I poured together some cold water, lemon juice, org.sugar, and half a lemon squeezed in, and then I stirred it up in a Ball Mason jar with a wooden fork.

'Cause that's how Southern girls roll. ;D And also how other non-Southern people roll because they are awesome. Just to clarify. In case you were seething because I left you out or something like that.

I shot a few pictures because it was so downright pretty. And while I was outside taking pictures in the heat, I unscrewed that lid and took a gulp, and mah lands .... it felt soo good and yummy goin' down.

Inside on a chair. I skipped the normal watermark, and did something more yellow and fun. ;)

This is high photography here folks. I set it right down thar on the indoor/outdoor carpeting, and took a shot. Yep. Looks right purty, though, don't it? Oh my gosh, my Mom is going to kill me. One mention of Southern and I'm talking like Gomer at the drop of a ..... radiator. *name that episode* *goes into gales of laughter* *sips some lemonade* *slaps knee hypothetically because literally would hurt because it's still bruised from Canoeing on Saturday* ........ *moves on*.

My favorite. This is when I was drinking it down faster than I was taking pictures of it. 


Hope y'all have a wonderful rest of the day....and go make yourself some lemonade!
I know you are craving it now. :D

Love y'all....
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. Really? The temperatures were in the low to mid 70's here! Your lemonade looks positively delicious, though. I need to make myself some. :)


  2. Yum! Looks delicious! And the fact that it's in a Mason jar makes it even more awesome. :)

  3. Oh... how delicious! In the heat of the summer last year I did the same thing... except making it a strawberry lemonade using frozen strawberries... {And I also had to put it in a mason jar... maybe its' just a southern thing... :)} Lemonade is so delicious, and perefect for these April days...

    Now I am in the mood for a cool glass of Lemonade... mmmm!
    Oh, and I love your new design... so summer time!

    {Looking forward to seeing you soon!}

  4. It looks delicious! Now I'm thirsty for lemonade ;) Your such a great photographer Jean Marie! :D

    Blessings! :)


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