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Good morning to y'all!! :) And a Happy Saturday too!! I'm blogging this at about 1:30am, because I'm ... up (big surprise there). ;) I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend, I really do.

I thought it would be nice to share some pictures from Resurrection Sunday. I took my camera with me to church, hoping I would be able to take a family pic of Laurie's clan. Why? Because the kids always look so incredibly adorable on Easter, that's why. And also because there isn't a better Sunday than Easter to take pictures. :) I loved the pictures, but I probably won't put up their portraits on here. Laurie was so sweet and took a picture of me with their little (growing up fast!) kids. :)

Little Man J., C. me, M. and Little Girlie A. (this is also the only full shot of what I was wearing, so you can see how long my skirt is!) I love these kids soooo much. :) Oh yeah, and time to brag about Laurie. She made M's headband, shirt and skirt, C's dress and headband, and A's dress and hairbow. She's an amazing seamstress and mother! :) And wife! and friend! and! a whole lot of other things too. :) She sewed my bridesmaids dress for Emily's wedding. :)

So most of you don't know that I teach Sunday School. :) I teach 3rd to 5th grade, and I have 5 of the best kids in the church. They are hysterical, sincere, joyful, energetic, and easy to love. :)

And THIS is what we pretty much do every.single.Sunday for about half the lesson. :) We LAUGH.

Max (on the left) isn't the only boy, stop feeling sorry for him...Josh wasn't there, so we missed having him in the picture! We'll have to take another one....Max just got new glasses, that turned into sunglasses when he goes outside. How cool is that!? Max is little bro to Sarah (far right). So I have 2 sets of siblings, and then Josh. :) I've known Sarah and Max since they were babies, and C and M too! They keep Sundays interesting and crazy and laughter-filled, and we all learn together. :)

Back Home I convinced our family to step outside and take a few pictures (you can see the whole family pic on the sidebar), because after all, like I said - it was Easter Sunday! We've taken pictures of our Easter dresses/Easter Sunday since as long as I can remember. :)

Here's Daddy and Momma. Daddy is wearing his special Easter tie, and Momma just looks sweet. :)

My dearest Momma and I, and Lucy Mae. (I did a little extra pink color on this one in the post-processing, I don't usually do that, but once I saw how cute it was, I didn't want to change it back.)

After we laughed our way through taking pictures with a timer and tripod, and throwing rocks at the ground to get Lucy Mae to look, we were tired of it. haha. Mom and Kim headed back inside, and Daddy had a ball taking a few pictures of Lucy Mae and I. It was so much easier letting someone else take the pictures than trying to do it myself! Who would have thought, right? Hahahaha! So we got a little mini-photoshoot, and I just love these pictures.

Sweet baby girl. She will be a year and a half later this month!!

Kisses. She LOVES giving kisses. :) and I LOVE receiving them. With my mouth closed. ;) 

This is her favorite way to be held....and mine too. I love her so much. 

I love her eyes in the 1st shot. She's incredibly attentive. :) 

Spring in the background, how I love seeing green! Oh, and I'm wearing my bridesmaid bracelet. :)

Thanks so much to Daddy for taking those!! 

So now I'm going to give a shameless plug to Old Navy. :) Or rather, I'll tell you to go online or the store nearest you, and see if there is one in your size left. I bought this skirt for $14.00, and it fits perfectly. It's polyester, and breezy, and is lined, and flowy, and I just adore it. You can't wear cotton in the summer in the sub-tropics, not if you want to stay alive. So I'm excited that I have at least one breathable summer skirt that is long and graceful too!! :)

I just looked online, and there are lots of sizes! There is also free shipping on orders over $50! :D No, I'm not being paid or endorsed, and Old Navy doesn't even know I'm alive. Click here!

I was trying to get a picture, and Daddy lifted up the edge with his fingers, and my heart melted a little bit. He's so kind and gentlemanly. I love him so much

One last picture - Daddy took this one. :) Our star jasmine bushes are blooming, and there is nothing like walking outside and being hit with a wave of jasmine air. It's just Heavenly, really. :)

If you haven't seen my Sunrise video from last Sunday at the river, I encourage you to watch it, it's really special to me, since I got to use some treasured music. You can watch it here. 
I hope you all had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday, and a wonderful week! :)
Let us continue praising and rejoicing our RISEN Lord!!!
Thank you for stopping by!
With much love,
~ Jean Marie ~

P.S. I'm still very much enjoying the excitement of my new blog design!! And thank you for all the really sweet and encouraging comments about it! It is so nice to share the joy. :) 


  1. Like. :)--mcd

  2. jennifer alderman4/14/12, 7:18 AM

    Jean, you are incredibly talented and so very sweet. I really enjoy your blog. You are a blessing to our family. Thank you for teaching, laughing with and loving our children. We love you!


  3. I really like your new design Jean Marie! It is so fresh and bright and cheery! :) Those pictures are really sweat! I'm so glad you shared where you got your skirt from cause as soon as I saw it I thought I wonder where she got that pretty skirt! :) I'll have to go see if they have my size. :D

    Have a blessed week!

  4. Love the skirt!! So cute. And your shirt... and your hair... you're just beautiful all over.


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