Sunset over Barberville -

My favorite shot of the day. The sun setting beautifully over the Barberville grounds. :)
I'm exhausted. One of the hottest Barberville events to date. Incredibly draining and yet still wonderful.
Next up - a really cold shower, then rub some coconut lotion on my poor, tired feet, and falling into bed. :)
Have a wonderful Sunday, y'all.
Much love,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. Lovely.
    And so were you!
    It was beyond descriptively wonderful to see you!!
    (if that makes since)
    I love you!!!!!!!!

  2. That sun was so beautiful... I was able to pause for a secind to breathe in its' beauty...
    It was such a wonderful {though hot :)} day... fond memories made!

    In Christ,


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