Her debut in 3-D -

Today I was invited by EmilyBrower to come to their 3-D ultrasound of Georgia Rose! :) Originally, I thought I couldn't go, because Barberville weekend holds so much traveling, but Daddy and Momma decided that this was a special thing, so they allowed me to go! :) I was thrilled!!

The ultrasound lasted about 45 minutes, and they did both normal (2-D? haha, no idea) and then 3-D, and sometimes they brought them both up side by side so you could understand better what you were looking at.

She really is such a precious little girl, tiny and perfect! I was amazed at the sight of her little heart, pumping blood, and the umbilical cord that flowed blood into her heart, and veins. She gave us a little wave at the beginning, but mostly stayed kind of sleepy in a total gymnast position of her legs over her head. It looked seriously uncomfortable, but when you are floating and it doesn't matter, then it's just right for her! :) I also LOVED seeing her feet and her hands, and you could see her sucking/drinking the amniotic fluid! You could see her eye lens and her kidneys and her brain and her little nose. You could see she definitely was a GIRL. ;D haha.

And I was just enthralled. I only took one picture because I was just glued to watching every move she made. :)

My picture isn't wonderful, but I love that it's my first picture of her face. :) Adorable, sweet baby girl. 

You can see on the right her hand near her face, it's a little blurry, I think that's because we were watching her suck and move her little mouth around. :) So so cute.

I am used to sonagrams, because I have one every year for my heart. :) Every time I go in, I'm lying there in the dark, hearing the whoosh-whoosh of my heart, and I pray for a husband, and one day to be lying there, hearing a baby's heartbeat instead of my own. And then I get tears in my eyes.

So it was crazy-wonderful to be able to see my best friend's baby on the screen and hear her heartbeat! It made my dream seem just a little closer. :)  To see her and Ben laughing in love at their tiny little girl. Emily mentioned it was a present for Brianna Brower to be there today (on her birthday), I think it was a present for all of us!! Georgia Rose Brower is a gift from the Lord, definitely. 

Emily has stills from the sonogram, and a little video of Georgia waving on her blog!!! See it here! 

Happy 19 weeks, Emily!!!

With love, and lots of excitement,
~ Jean Marie ~  


  1. Wish I could have been there with you, but so glad you had a great time! I am looking forward to meeting little Georgia Rose in person! :)


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