Dear Molly -

Dear Mollwee, Mollay, Molls ...

Today is your 20th birthday!!! *sets off huge firecracker and runs for my life* HOORAAY!! :D

You will get up and check FB and then you will scream and probably stomp around a little because FB will be uh .... brokennnn because the Gang decided to give you a Birthday Spammage Event. Which means you will have like 100 notifications and a LOT of Happy Birthday greetings. If you decide to sue, just know that we got the green light from Gabe. As in Gabe, the guy you are courting. Not as in Gabi, your bro-in-law. Although - he gave the go-ahead too. HAHAA. ;) So happy birthday on FB! and happy birthday on my blog!!! :D

Ever since I first met you, we really hit it off. ;) I just have the greatest memories of you. :) Most of them involving Isaac and hanging out and Barberville and oh yeah. GabeLynn.
Fancy that there .... hahah. God is just so amazing to bring the two of you together. As you wait and see what God has planned, know that so many people are praying for you both. He has it all planned out, and it will be so precious, as it all comes together. :) In the meantime, I think it's awesome when you both cut out of our g-chat conversations because it is "Skype with Gabe" or "Skype with Molly" time. ;) I totally don't even mind, I love you both so much! :D

kk. Funny conversation. You ready? MamaLala was talking about your parents visit down here, and she was saying that you are more quiet than your Mama. I was all nodding and "uhmm humm-ing" and my Mom looks at me with this blank look on her face, and I just burst into laughter! Mom was like "MOLLY? Quiet?!", and so I took MamaLala's arm and said "You have to understand this reaction in context. Mom has only seen Molly around ME. Putting Molly and I together is like Fireworks on Steroids." HAHAhahahaa!!! My family adores you. ;)

This picture makes me so happy. First of all - look at Gabe and Obi. Doin' the same exact pose and not on purpose. And then there is you - in your amazing homemade skirt. And there we were, at Barberville: The Courtin' Stompin' Grounds. You are sitting next to your man, and next to your brother in law, and we all were just having the most fun time, and you look so beautiful. :)

Man, we have really REALLY had some riotous conversations, eh? I've laughed so hard I thought my face would crack! haha. And we've had heart-t0-heart talks too. That one chat the other night made me realize how much I've missed you. :) I've shared my heart with you and you've just taken it all in stride, and sent lots of love from your heart up there. :) Thank you.

So here's me sending lots of love to you: one of the most lovely, dear, and hilarious people I know!
I love you so much, I miss you, and I can't wait to hug you in November!!!!!
Happy Birthday, Molly the Magnificent, Merry Miss of Morrocco! *bursts into laughter*

God pour out the best of His blessings upon you, as He draws you ever closer,
and pulls you tight to Himself as He reveals His will for you, all in His time.
I love you!!!
~ Jean Marie ~

P.S. Lucy Mae sends lots of kisses. :D


  1. Bwaaaaaaa!!! *tears up* Hoooo boy. Now THAT is just hysterical. :D Especially the conversation with your mom and Gabe's mom...I can just see it going down! *dies*

    Thank you so much for the birthday greetings! I'm going to tell you now before my internet breaks from all the spammage on Facebook...IT HAS BEGUN! O.O

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Molly!!! :D

    I hope your day is really wonderful. Can't wait to see you when you come down to visit!


  3. Happy Birthday, Molly! I pray your day was blessed! :)

    Many Blessings,

  4. Happy Birthday, dearest Molly!!
    May there be many pecans :)

    Love you :-)
    Tricia Case


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