Free Slurpee Day -

To tell you how much of a non-Slurpee person I am, I have to say that I spelled Slurpee wrong three times writing the title before I got it right. And then I googled it to make sure. I didn't even know what Slurpees tasted like until I met the Fosters. Isn't that SAD? My Mom's shaking her head "no" right now.... ;) Probably so is Momma Foster. hahahah.

So today Becs and I got all gussied up in our boots and skirts and went to Sunrise for smoothies and granitas and went to the park to swing on the swings. You know what else was there? Besides us and the sandhill crane family? The humidity and the skeeters. And after we swang on the swings (is it swang? swung? why am I striking out on grammar today?) for 20 minutes, we started feeling ill. And all thoughts of a lovely photoshoot went out of my head. I was SO not in the mood. So we hopped in the car, sang along to Country and went to Target, and THEN, we stopped by 7-11, and got FREE Slurpies because today is 7-11.

and then....AND THEN I got the Blue Alien Juice flavor that is Strawberry, Blueberry and Lemon, and don't ask me how blueberry makes that color, because we all know it's killer dye. But I can only have that one or the Coke one, because the other ones are killer disgusting or contain enough red dye to put me into hypoallergenic shock. For reals. hahaha.

Which is why my tongue looked like Becca's dress for the whole afternoon.
Look. I didn't edit it to be the same color. My camera could barely focus because it couldn't figure out which blue to focus on, because it blended in. Also - Becca brings the Square out in me. :) I adore Square pictures. Like I adore Killer Blue Alien Juice Slurpees and mah Becs.

SEE? Slurpees and Becs and Jean and hot sun and boots = SUMMATIIIMME!!!
and I know. She looks way smarter than me. Who'd know she's 5 yrs. younger? and actually, who'd care? We are quite the pair. :) Look! I rhymed! ;) Becs'll be a senior next year. *faints*

and I'll be 62. Clearly proved by last night's Scrabble game with mah Momma, when she beat me 270 to 241. Unbelievable. and Unnerving.

This shot kinda sums up us. Totally either unaware or uncaring or just the completely hysterically wrong moment. It would have been greater if I'd been spilling my Slurpee or something.....but please enjoy it knowing that I took SEVEN pictures before I captured this one, and NONE of them were focused on EITHER OF US. Such.A.FAIL. The fact that this one is focused in is probably because Becs was helping hold it steady. But wow.

I love bein' with Mah Becs. We didn't have a spectacularly amazing and huge blasting time, but we took the ordinary day and made it a Fun Ordinary Day. Becs makes anything 5x's more fun, just being together, the two of us!! :) I love...oh wait. I already said that. ;)

There's a peaceful feeling, being with a friend that is totally up for Ordinary Fun. Like singing at the top of your lungs for a favorite Country Song, or feeling the sugar rush to your brain, or getting honked at by an Ambulance at a green light, or talking about life because it matters, or just driving around town and being together. Knowing that it's fun because you are both just YOU. :)

and I love love love that feeling. Because we both love each other like we are. :)
I love you, Becs!!! Thanks for being Ordinary Becca with Ordinary Jean. which, come to think of it, is like Espresso with a shot of....a hurricane, with a shot of something "short....and...sweet.". hahahahahaha.

Becs and Jean *sangin*:
"Pooooooooouuuuuuurrrrr me somethin' tall and strong,
make it a hurricane before I go insane!
It's onnnnly half past twelve, but I don't CAAAARRRRE,
it's Five O'Clock somewhere!!!!

Becs *peers into little slurpee cup*: "these aren't tall. they are SHORT."
Me *waves blue dye cup of sugar": and SUUUGAAAAAHHHRRRRY"

"pppppppoooooouuuuuuuurrrrr me somethin' short and sweeeeeeeeet....." ;)

For more of the Becs and Jean Summer Craze, read HERE. or HERE. or uum. HERE. hhahahaha....HERE. awww. HERE. Ok. gotta' stop. ;)
~ Jean Marie ~

P.S. I'm not advocating drinking anything except root beer or swate tae, or you know.
Killer dyes.