Blueberry World -

This morning, early, I called the Foster's house.

Me: "Good morning Momma! We were wondering if you would like to go blueberry picking with us this morning after the launch, or if you think that's a stupid idea."
Momma Foster: "Well, we were planning on going this morning too!"
Me: "Ohmygoodness, really? That's so funny!!!"
Mom: "Wow!"
Me: "Mom says "wow!""
Momma Foster: *laughing*

and so we went together, and had a wonderful time. :D It was great! The weather was cloudy with a breeze that kept the dreadful lovebugs at bay, and cooled us off. The fields were clean and full of blueberries, ripe and plump and huge and DEEEEELICIOUS! I think I ate 1/2 lb just walking around...and of course, I took pictures, and Becs took some, and we talked and talked and talked and then ... we talked. Such a surprise ... I know you are hanging on every word here .... but really, it was such a fun time! Becs' sister-in-law, Alisha came, with her 3 daughters, and they kept us laughing and pelted the "evil grasshoppers" with blueberries. hahaha. :D

All in all, my Momma and I picked 4 pails full, and our bags weighed a total of 21 1/2 lbs! :) They are really so so good, and from a local family's field. We freeze them and enjoy them all year round in pies, smoothies and cereal and yogurt and popsicles in the summer and what-all-else. :D I'm looking forward to making a Blueberry Cream Pie, my mouth is watering already!

Here's our time picking Blueberries! -

So, this video was not directed by my daddy. Haha! Some of you may have seen that, and gone "whaaat?" but it puts that in on AutoFill, and apparently it didn't change the 2nd time I uploaded it. heh heh. I don't care, really. :) Just thought I'd mention that. :)

May God bless your week, and pour out His mercies upon you in abundance,
as you turn and praise Him for His grace to you in all things ....
Love from this NASA girl,
~ Jean Marie ~

P.S. I've been loving all the comments from readers I don't know as well ... thank you! :)
P.P.S. and of course I adore the comments from the dear-hearts I know too. ;)


  1. How fun! Love the slideshow.

  2. Guess who misses you even more than she did 7 minutes ago?
    Loved the pictures :) Now I want to go blueberry picking.... and I'm not even that fond of blueberries! Looked like a fabulously fun time :D

  3. Lovely pictures! I love picking blueberries - and yours look delicious!! Where did you go to pick them? Is it open to the public? What is the price per pound? Thanks!

    Holly Lou

  4. OH... blueberry picking sounds like so much fun!!!! We are just about the season of blackberry picking {for which I look forward to making some jam..} but blueberryies sound so delicious!
    Thank you for sharing these lovely photos!

    In Christ

  5. Lovely Photos, looks like y'all had a great time! Shannon, I wish I was there! Our blackberry season was about a month ago, and we missed it... as weird as it sounds, blackberry jam is amazing on cheese and crackers!



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