I:Heart:yellow -

Yellow. One of my favorite colors God made, which just so happens to work out wonderfully, since I live in the Sunshine State. :) This year, some of my best friends and I went to the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, FL, and I had remembered this gorgeous yellow metal wall from last year, and was determined to take at least one picture against it. :)

So we climbed up to the top of the Fun House, laughing and joking and the sunlight spilling everywhere, even though it was a freezing cold early spring day (for real!); my sweet friend Becca smiled in front of the wall, and I sighed with joy. :D I love its vibrancy, and her laughter.

She's sunshine on lots of not so vibrant days. Thank you, Becs, for your friendship! :)
and thanks ya'll for stopping by! :)
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. such a great location you found!

  2. Beautiful! Love her smile!

  3. Aw, great capture. What a happy picture. :)

  4. This image radiates joy. Great shot!

  5. Aww yellow... Reading through post.. La la la... WAIT! That's me!
    My brain has given into the sugar from my slurpie.

    *sigh* strawberry festival.
    *sigh* sun and yellow. Oh sun that burns us while on our beach excursions!

    I love you dearest.
    Always and forever your crazy friend,

  6. So Pretty!! The color and Girl are Beautiful!!

  7. What an absolutely beautiful smile. I love it!

  8. What a lovely photo! Capturing the joy of the day..:)

    In Christ,

  9. tha yellow just makes her pop! so pretty. great job!

  10. beautiful photo!

  11. Awww...love the story behind the pic! (The pic is great too!) Having a really great "bestest" is the best, huh? Love her comment back to you too.

  12. I love yellow too!
    Random thought: I really wanted a yellow bathing suit this year. :P


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