The Lord guide you -

**From the land to the sky ... she was beautiful! I didn't get a single picture, and I'm fine with that....her soaring flight is etched in my mind, and her roar filling my heart. God allowed her to sear into the cloudy morning sky, and I watched her fly and her rocket boosters fall - God is so very good. Thank you, Lord. Bring them home safe, and Godspeed Endeavour from this proud and praying NASA heart.**

Lord willing, Space Shuttle Endeavour and her STS - 134 crew will be lifting off at KSC at 8:56am, EDT today.(FL time) So, wherever you live....England (cough cough), Missouri! (;), or Ohio or WVa, or Australia, or Cambodia .... it would be well worth your joy to watch it too. :)

I can hear the STA Jet flying over checking the weather as we speak....nothing like hearing that. You can read more about EVERYTHING about the launch on the launch blog HERE! :D

and you can watch Endeavour's moments before launch and listen to the KSC, Houston, Endeavour chatter, and most importantly - you can watch Endeavour lift off, and everything after that. :D I'll be watching it from my front yard, in case you were wondering. :) So join me!

Ok, so here is the link to NASA TV - it's new and updated and streaming live! :D cool, I know...

Please pray for safe travels, safe flight and the Lord to bring them back here to KSC in His protection! And for a successful mission, as the Shuttle Program draws to a close, these last few flights become more and more dear .... sigh.

So join me in watching the launch! It goes up in exactly 43 minutes, so get on the computer now, and watch all the interesting info that is streaming. :) And pretend you're here with me.

Much love from this NASA heart, and Godspeed Endeavour!!!!
~ Jean Marie ~

Endeavour in the OPF (Orbiter Processing Facility)


  1. Space shuttles are so incredible, and it is always neat to watch them launch! :)

    Many Blessings,

  2. Praising God everything went good! We tried to watch from our front yard, we can usually see perfectly, but it's still to cloudy here in the city beautiful...


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