Watching the last launch -

Goodness, I could barely type that out. Best thing to do is rejoice in the moment, hand over heart....rejoicing, and just don't think about it being the last time. At all. :)

So, Lord willing, Atlantis will launch later on this morning, Friday, July 8th at 11:26am EST.

And there's a couple really awesome things you can do if you don't live in FL and can't see it live.

First, HERE is the link to watch NASA TV live. You want to do this. If you are doing something else, drop it. You are crazy if you don't watch this live. It takes a few minutes, and is super important....just make sure ahead of time that you have the correct plugin, I use the Flash(UStream) Live one . If you do not watch it, I will .... yell at you. nicely. and graciously. maybe.

Second, check out my sidebar, it has a direct NASA twitter feed. It's freakin' awesome. ;) You can follow NASA twitter by just clicking on any of it, and getting to their page. You can walk alongside, from afar and see how things all progress down to launch time.

Third, check this out, yo. This HERE is a Google Earth application that allows you to see a little of what Houston sees. :) SOO COOL. I'm just linking you to the page. But can I say, oh my goodness, I already have it sitting on my desktop, waiting. It tracks the shuttle as it launches and takes off, giving you the moments when it has External Fuel tank separation and flight logistics and speed and yeah. I'm sooo freakin' excited about it.

Also, if you don't have Google Earth, then just download it for this....and if you don't want it, just download it for this (repeat) and then you can delete it later. :) And leave it on Auto mode. ALSO. you can videotape your small "tour" of it!

At the top of the application, when it's all installed and zoomed in, you have the row of buttons on the top, and it's the 5th one from the left. Push that, and then push the red button as soon as you want. I'd push it, and then watch the NASATV. :) kk? It couldn't get any more sweet.

Fourth - follow the Launch Blog! This has all the updates, and it's a great read. :)

Unless, of course, you are coming to my house to watch it with me. :)

Ok? So, Lord willing, a break in the weather and a window in the sky will open, I'm praying it does! And Atlantis will be able to fly today. It'll be glorious. :)

~ Jean Marie ~


  1. God Speed Atlantis! We watched from a train track DIRECTLY across the Indian River from the launch pad. with only 1 other family! It was GEORGOUS!! I prayed for you the whole time... Luv ya!


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