"In the dark" teaser -

I have left you all somewhat in the dark. Why? Because my joints are achy, and I'm tired, and even though that just made me sound 89 instead of 21, and all my pictures are uploaded for a perfectly thrilling and adorable post - I am TIRED, and I'm going to bed soon. So you shall all be in the dark for a little while longer. Trust me, it SHALL be worth it. For me ... and for you. Ahem. The post is aptly named for tonight, because tomorrow's post is ON a photoshoot I did in the dark and chilly damps of the night the day after Christmas.

So, Happy Eve of Eve of New Year's Eve tonight and much love to ALL!!

In God's arms we rest,
and slumber softly as
we listen to His sweet song of peace over us,
~ Jean Marie


  1. Can't wait. But can it possibly be better than that picture of you? You look so... in character... as something.

    Love you!

  2. Love the picture! Love the boots too! ;-)Can't wait to see the rest!


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