Barberville 2008 Post 3

Hello, peasants!

Barberville 2008 post three is here! See, the reason that this is going up, is because I made a deal with a certain person, Miss Becca, that I would have the pictures up before the next Barberville, which just so happens to be....(cough) tomorrow. SO! The pictures will be up! :D These are from last November's Fall Harvest, and such a joyful and laughter-filled day was had! Tomorrow is the Spring Frolic and it's my first year attending, so I'm really lookin' forward to it. I hope you all enjoy these pictures, and since I still have lots to do 'afore the morrow, it will be a picture post, and not a writing post. You can research where I am picking up at Post One, and Post Two.

Love to you all, and can't wait to see some of you tomorrow!

So grateful for Calvary am I,
~ Jean Marie

**Note: No damage was done to any property whatsoever upon the Barberville land and properties. All was carefully touched and respected. Thank you.**

We pick back up at Emily, Becca and I finding where Anna, Joseph and Lauren were doing a photoshoot, having (ahem) not trespassed, according to Joseph, and so began a whole another photoshoot. :) Twas sa' great! The lovely, truly luv'ly 'ouse where we took pictures.

I adored the ivy creeping up the brick walls and the peeling paint and the fact that it was abandoned and empty. If it were not that we were only across the road from a civilization, I would have really gone inside.

The ongoing photoshoot, whereas I became the un-asked-for second shooter. Apparently, Anna had gotten Joseph and Lauren to model for her.

I really have no idea what they were looking up at. I wasn't asking questions, remember? I was second shooting.

Awww...sister and brother. Lauren is older, if you want to know. Looks great, both of ya'!

Taking pictures of something...wasn't paying that much attention.
Hold it out...great!

They did a great job modeling, thinkest ye not? this one.

This is what the window looked like after I put my fist through it. (I am just kidding! See Note above!) ... I did put my hand through, though. Hehe. Hehehee. sigh.

LOOK. A. Rusty. Doorknob. Oh, spectacular day! And green paint!

A closer look at this gem. Me loves it.
The screen door off its hinges. Mm, mhm, mhm.

Anna taking a picture of the "cute little caterpillar named Hegbert" I found. "Hold it there, Jean".

"Stand still, Jean!!!" AAHh! I got "The Look" from Anna....woe is ME! "But....I was...talking to... Hegbert!" (explaining weakly) Okay, fine. There. Lauren and Joseph are not sure what is going on.

HAHAHA....and then they start laughing.

Little Hegbert. This is such a nice shot....I love it when I "get lucky"... I know, no such thing as luck, but blind shots, rather.
I really love this one, as well. Look at that cracked paint! Sa' weet!

Tromped around the side of the building and yelled for Anna to swing around the side of the wall, with Becca behind her. :) Hello!

The side of the house looking up at the hot November sky.

I won't pretend to know what this is. It was rusty, and old-lookin', so I took a picture of it. Welcome to my life.

Another old doorknob, and red paint. I was happy.

Becca modeling a sweet shot for me in front of this old screen door. You are so pretty, Becca! Thank you! Can't you hear the squeak and slam of this door over so many years?

The other side of the house.

Vines and seeds trail against red painted wood.

Anna gives Lauren a taste of what it is like to shoot someone who is modeling for a photographer, while Joseph me a chance to shoot the shooting of the modeling! :D

SUN FLARE! And my good girlie friend swingin' her feet off the edge of the table.

Smile! Awww.

I think I was laying on the concrete for this one. Just lovely light. Thank you, Lord, for the little things!

Walking back to join the crowds, I gave Jo my chips, and none of them were paying attention, which, actually, considering the shot I got, I don't care now. The framing is nice.

Ivy curling upon and around a strong wood fence.

Olivia dearest.

Joseph's Coca-Cola in his hand.

We headed over to the small church and saw that Gailanne, Roger and Mattie and Emily were getting the royal treatment of a free ride! I see how it is! The special treatment for Jubal's Kin and Co.! :D

Hahaha! I said - "The paparazzi is here!", and the guy laughed. :D

Something important was being discussed, but I don't know what it was. Gailanne and Roger-on-crutches. He was a wounded invalid that day.

We went in for a bit, Emily was letting Mattie take pictures of me. She was quite enthralled with this. :D

Miss. Mattie A.

Lauren, Mattie and Emily. So sweet.
Gailanne's hair.

Gailanne holding her violin.
The bell outside the church. I so wanted to pull it, but settled for a picture instead.
Roger enjoying the breeze during a hot day.
HAhahah haha haha!!! He noticed the camera. :D Thanks, Roger, thanks.
Jeffrey trying out his new chain and ring.
"Mr. Amundsen! May I take your picture?" "No." "Oh, okay, then. *click*" Look, sweet tea!
If you were there, I'm sure you noticed this somewhat eccentric man dressed in mock buckskin and his Indian headress, he was sitting in an electric scooter, and I didn't see him smiling very often.

The sawmill runs off and on all day, and the sawdust and smell of fresh-cut lumber is its own wondrous perfume.

Stacked slabs of pine, oak, cedar and more.
There is nothing like smelling fresh cut cedar planks. Mmmm.

And the contra' dancing! I did not dance, but hope to tomorrow! :D

Mrs. Hope dancing.

Roger's crutches in the wheelie bin inside the barn.

Mattie quite content to watch from the doorway.

Eating her snack in the sun.

The old refrigerator inside one of the buildings.
The oven and stove that I wanted to steal.
Lauren and her ice cream that matched her shirt. We did not plan that, no. Love you, Lauren!
Haha hhaa...Dad doing his "snap-check" sign at me, and Mom looking cute and bemused. :)

Farewell, peasants! :D God bless, and come back often!


  1. GREAT! I still remember you taking pictures of the door knobs!! Funny.
    Its weird that I'm writing this comment when I going to be back there in less than 12 hours! HAHA!

  2. Hahaha is right..... I am going to be there in 11 hrs and I am writting a comment! I don't remember you taking that picture of me.....hmmmm..well it has almost been six months!!! Lovely post Jean!

    Love ya and see ya tomorrow!

  3. Mmmm, Jean. I love your pics. :)

  4. :D
    Had such a good time then and just now, Jean!
    Can't wait to see your post about this weekend!
    <3 ya
    (I'm stealing some of your pics! MUAHAHAHAAA!!!) :D

  5. Jean, Jean, the door-knob queen!
    Ahem...enough with the cheesy
    rhymes. :D :D :D

    Just to let everyone know, I was NOT actually POSING in that picture where Lauren was taking the picture of me and Gui was watching. I believe it was akin to stretching or something of that nature.
    Just figured I'd clear my name of "Oh it's the girl that looks like a doofus when she poses for pictures!" Just in case anyone was thinking that. :D

  6. JEAN!
    Post-est why not-est thou?!
    Waiting with bated breath....


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