To: Mrs. Patterson -

To one of the very best friends to me and my family - Mrs. Patterson.

Yesterday was her birthday, and I didn't get this posted in time, but I couldn't not let her know how much she means to me. And...I rather put off the post, because words could not say how much we love her. :) Especially drawing closer this past year through trials and pain, learning together that God works in the valleys of our hearts and lives. I must say that I have learned(from one of many women, like my mom! :)) how to be a Godly woman from Sharon Patterson. Her heart for God, and love, praise and obedience to her Lord is a beautiful thing.

She has listened to my struggles, hurts, and anger, talked with me, encouraged me, prayed with and for me, laughed until we cried together, taken me to fun places, played in the snow with me, made me special food, scared me, sung with me, shopped with me, given me little creations(ie...most of my Bible bookmarks are from her), written me cards and e-mails, made me laugh hysterically, and had "nothing" times, just being enjoying being together.

She has held me when I have sobbed and wept, and I have held her as well.

She has admonished me and brought me to the foot of the cross, to lay down my burdens.

She has been my friend. A mentor. A spiritual mother in Christ.

She has loved my mom, and been her best friend, and loved my family. No matter what.

On the other side of it - I love her to death. And pray for her often. And miss her over in CO.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Patterson. I love you so much....a big hug sent your way! :D

Ever, in our Lord's mercies,
~ Jean Marie

Oh, and some pictures from a Patterson wedding last June. :) Mom and I had flown out there, and here...Mrs. P. and I are enjoying the bubbles. Mom got shutter-happy, and clicked away, and we have some great captured memories here. :)

Do you see a problem here? She is stealing MY bubbles!
I think she was displeased that her bubbles were gone, and the not so spectacular turn-out of that bunch. Haha.
I am being nice here, and giving her more bubbles. Ha.
Fine. Here. Have some.
She steals my bubbles, and then blows it in my face! Aaah! It stings! HAhahaha...and then she laughed at me to boot. Yep. She loves me all right.
By the way, she has this lovely, extremely contagious laughter that makes you laugh too. :)
Mrs. Patterson, myself and Mama. The best of friends...for about 12 years or something, now, right? I love you both! :D


  1. Awwww, dear Mrs. Patterson . . . It's true. You have been such a woman in my life, too. I love you, miss you, and am praying for you.

  2. I want to celebrate Sharon, too! Thanks Jean, for this sweet post. We are praying for the Pattersons and miss them so much.


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