It's spring, and weddings are in the air!

Hey, ya'll...

Long time no see! Or, long time no blog, rather! It's been lovely having posts go up without me writing them, haha. :) So, Mum and I are flying out today, in fact, we are leaving in 2 hours, and I'm not packed, so I have to get on that....yeah, yeah, Paulina cracks that joke every time. Stop it. Hey, speaking of that - Paulina: I MISS YOUUUU!!!!!! And Stone girls - I miss you too! Hey, I miss everyone... I've been gone a lot! I've loved the special times, though.

Okay, so the only possible thing better than this wedding....which...AHH! could there be?

Is maybe one involving these two. And, and, and...before anyone shoots me. I, Jean Marie, do solemly agree and confess to stealing...ahem, borrowing, this picture from Jon and Beth's wedding website. I declare that this picture was taken by - some talented person(s) so related or aquainted with the Serven family and that all credit for this shot is due entirely to them, with no regards or credit due to me whatsoever! So there. Because I didn't have a picture.

And ... more good news ... since I am going, sometime in the near future, most likely next month, you will all get to see the media coverage of this event! Yet, more good news awaits, they are live streaming their wedding online from the website! Florida and East Coast people, you will need to get on your pc's at 11am or a little before for their 12pm Missouri wedding. Attention! I'm not sure if I am allowed to share this wonderful news to the world, so, yeah, keep it quiet unless you think the people know them enough to watch it. :D Click here - watch the wedding!

I love all you dear people, SO MUCH, and thank you for all your prayers for me. I'll hopefully talk to everyone soon when I return! God is so good, praise Him, all ye His children, praise His most holy and blessed Name!!!

Lovey, lovey,
Ever blessed by a merciful God,
~ Jean Marie


  1. I hope you have lots of fun!
    I miss you!

  2. Awww . . . I am so glad you are there, Jean! It will almost be like I am there! :) Love ya always, sis

  3. Jean Marie...
    I MISS YOU TOO! :'(
    And Paulina...
    I MISS YOU TOO! :'(
    (Hey, is there an echo in here?!) :D
    Anyway, hope you're having fun, Jean and can't wait to see your post :D
    Love ya lots and lots and lots!


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