Bound to Barberville

Hello -

This post is for those among us who still wear the purple (or blue "musician color"!) band of Barberville. It has come to my attention that I am not the only one still wearing my band since last Saturday. Yes, Becca F. and I have been wearing our attendance bands for 6 days now. I wore it to church, for Bible Study, and out to dinner tonight. It has survived a shower and endless hand washing and dish-washing.

We have wondered when the glue will give out or it will rip from the wear and tear. Whenever we get it wet, we always wonder just how much of that purple dye is soaking into our skin, but we don't take it off.

It'll take drastic measures for that.

We fiddle with the sticky and shredding part, and slide it up and down the inch it goes and twist it around and around. We can't wait for people to ask us why we have it on so that we can clasp our hands and let the memories fill our eyes with sparkles and our voices with laughter and joy. We wonder just how long they really will last, and our mothers want to tear them off, but we daresn't take them off, because then it would mean that the glorious Barberville 2009 Spring Frolic is over.

We can't take them off because we're pretty sure we'll go into dangerous Barberville withdrawls.

Proof of this article -

Like it says on the A1 bottle ... "Yes, it really is that good".

With a smile, and thankful for God-given friends!
~ Jean Marie


  1. hahahaha! Very funny Jean! My blue band has survived swimming even!
    Love ya!

  2. I still have my band on too! blue though...
    Mine has survived swimming too, Becca!
    Who can keep theirs on the longest, I wonder...? :D

  3. Alas! I have slipped mine off, but with such inspiration to be found hereupon, I may off to my dresser and slip 'er on again!
    I do believe it is made of indestructible material that will exist after most of us have left the planet.

    How I missed you and Yo Mama in our Saturday Frolic.
    Kept looking for you and lamenting...mouth downturned, bottom lip pouted in true Jean Marie style.

    Love~ {{* *}}

  4. Free-spirited,
    Barberville rebels...

    Alas, my dear wristband is rotting in some landfill. Tis sad I am!
    Lament with me dear ones!

    Anna :'(

  5. haha Jean...

    Well, I think I win the prize for having it on the SHORTEST amount of time! I slipped mine off right after they put it on (I have a rather small wrist). I'm interested to see who can keep theirs on the longest!

    As for me...

    Well, as you might have guessed, those bands drive me crazy! lol :D

  6. May I add my Michelle to the Barberville Ratty Band Brigade?
    I noticed hers at breakfast this morning. Ratty and curled, but still purple and upon her wrist.

    She remembered today is the first Sat. of the month.....
    "Mom are we going to Barberville today?"
    I smiled.

    ~Anna dear Anna...I shall cut my band asunder and share it with you.

    {{* *}}

  7. I LOSE!
    I ADMIT IT!!!
    (and i now have a Barberville wristband tanline on my wrist :D)

  8. oooooooo.... This is getting interesting! :D

  9. ~Mrs. Lynn...dear Mrs. Lynn,
    I shall gladly accept this heartfelt gesture. This cloven band will ever serve as a reminder of b'ville past. Tis grateful I am to you dear one. Cheers!
    ~Anna :D


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