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Hello, everyone!

Greetings and hugs all 'round! I am home, and happily so, and thankful to God for the many adventures I've been on in the past 2 weeks or so! And to my Daddy for allowing it. :D Mumma and I flew in from Missouri Monday night, late at 9:30, and didn't get home until 10:15pm, and so, for someone's very special day, I only was able to make a phone call from the St. Louis airport to wish her a happy birthday, and since I was not able to do anything special, this person has been on my mind ... all week. Every day. Thinking about her, praying for her, hoping things are wondrous on her side of the fence, and she is our lovely: Anna Grace Stone. Yes, Monday was her 20th birthday! CHEERS all 'round! :D

And so...the next best thing to delivering a Canon EOS 5D Mark II at her front door tied up in a cute little pink bow, is something that I can actually put more heart into - a blog post. We won't mention that I can't afford the 5d Mark II ...we won't even bring it up. I didn't even get to post it on her birthday, but it is still in her honor during her birthday week! It doesn't really matter, I mean, she's special year 'round, right? Right! :D

So, I got out all our albums, and scanned old pictures in, went through our digital files, unearthed forgotten get it. :)

Anna, you and I have been friends since at least 2002, I believe, and our friendship has gone through some times of being apart, and some rough waters and some of our deepest valleys. It has emerged even more precious than when it began, God has been so gracious to both of us! You have become such an incredibly dear friend to me. Thank you so much for staying with it! As you look at some of the older pictures ... well, my reaction was either laughing aloud incredulously, or smiling bashfully while hiding behind my hand, and you should see the pictures I did not put up! :D Haha haha ha! Hmmm, maybe I should have! :D

So, friends - some pictures of us over the past 7 years. Happy 20th birthday, Anna!

2002 December piano recital. LtoR, back to front: Anna, myself, Mrs. D., Kimberly, Dargan T., and Emily. All of us took from Mrs. D., with lots of others, but we wanted a special picture. HAhaha, the thing that sticks in my mind with this picture is Olivia crying and (sorry, Liv...but you were!) sulking because she didn't get any flowers. The explanation by Mr. Stone being that she did not play, when she plays, she will get flowers as well. She was only about 7!

My 15th birthday ice skating of many, many pictures of ice skating! We did it every year with homeschool group, and then sometimes for a birthday. :D We still love it just as much or more since then!
HA HA HAHA! I have no words....haha hahaha! We were top secret spies! HAHhahahaa!!!
2004 - We were decorating a table for a contest at Home Furniture in Mims. hair was short and crazy, and Anna looks like an Olympic swimmer. Sigh. Story of my life, people. :D
April 2005 - After our spring banquet...finally in comfortable clothes and a good picture. :)
January 2006 - A homeschool ice skating day. LtoR: Emily, Kimberly, me and Anna.

My 18th birthday party at The Melting Pot. Our fivesome - Kim, Jean, Anna, Emily, and Paulina. (Yes, I know I scanned it crooked)
I made us all get pictures...never noticed that we were every other with trousers and skirts, all I remember is loving the water, and Paulina saying -"Not fair! I am the only one without sunglasses!" :)
That was SO much fun, if you are wondering, my parents took us all, we were not alone. :)
December 2006 Ice skating with the homeschool group. I told you we did it a lot. Yes, yes, you know everyone...Olivia is in this picture now too. :) Look how tiny she is! Aww. Haha.
I think that my Mom took this picture, great job! Woot! :D I ADORE this sweet pic of Anna.
2007 Carr wedding - Anna and I. So many memories with you, dear.
The waltz of the bouquets? Haha...I remember Anna dancing around the room, and saying - "Take a picture!!!" ! HAHAHa....she actually looks like she is trying to make a letter.

December 2007 - Our Krause, Fambrough, Stone, everyone-else-Progressive dinner. Anna and I are the American a somehow better and more hilarious version. We forgot to put the gee-tar in the middle, though. Their post including this pic is here.
Barberville November 2008 - Anna showing Lauren how to get a picture right...and modeling for us. Which was great, because-(whispering) i love this picture. Worked out great. Plus, I got sun flare!
Yeah, I know. I kinda was wondering too how she grew up so gorgeous.
2009 My house photo shoot....self portrait by Anna. :)
We are like two peas in a pod, a duck to water.... we are Anne and Diana. The FL versions. Anna and I used to pretend all the time that we were Anne and Diana, we'd walk in the woods after church and talk and imagine, and call each other by our names. :) It didn't matter if we looked different, we were kindred spirits...and we still are.
Dancing spontaneously is something special that I share with Anna...she is ready to dance with me whenever, and it is just so much fun, that it makes me laugh and smile so big. :D
She doesn't wait for me to give her hugs, sometimes she sneaks up, and gives me a hug, or puts her arm around my shoulders, or squeezes my hand, or just smiles at me. She gives out love like she owns a warehouse that is on fire full of it...(pats self on shoulder for a great analogy). Really, though. She hugs me first sometimes, and it makes my little heart so happy.
Illustration and evidence of above picture's comment. I love you, Anna!!!
Valentine's Day party 2009 - I have two words for the five of us - Best Friends.
And if you know Anna like we do, you know that she is just so much crazy fun to be around!
Feb. 2009 - Jar washin', strawberry jam makin', baby goat cuddlin', trampoline jumpin', backwoods trampin', dishwashin' sangin', burnin' boxes (boxen! :D), picture takin' - all around wonderful and fun - Day! Haha....yes, I meant to spell singing that way. Oh, Anna, you make me laugh sooo much, you lift my spirits and make me joyful, thank you! It means so much.
I hope your birthday was great, and that your year will be as well. Thank you for so sharing your heart with me as I've shared mine with you. I am praying for you, girlie, and won't be stopping anytime soon. Thanks for all our memories. :) Happy 20th birthday just a little late, Anna!!!

One of my favorites of EVER. By Miss. Olivia Stone.

Dearest friend ... I love you so.

Ever grateful for my Savior's mercies,
~ Jean Marie


  1. You are 20, Anna?! I did not know this! :) Happy very late birthday! :) I love the pictures. I love you, Anna. You know . . . you are such a godly young woman. :) It's true. Our Great God has made you so beautiful inside and out. . . . praying for you knowing that He has such blessings for you in the future because you are His very dear child . . . Kimberly

  2. <3 <3 <3
    I absolutely LOVE to see pictures and posts of me loverly sisters!
    Happy (belated) birthday, Dahlin!
    Now... ON TO BARBERVILLE!!! :D
    (Sorry, Jean, I cannot suppress my excitement!)

  3. Happy Birthday Anna!! Know that you are loved very much, and that I thought of you all through that day! I miss all of you guys and I can't wait to see you soon!!

  4. Oh Jean Darling,
    I laughed, I cried, but...most of all my dear...
    I covered my face and thanked God upon every remembrance of those by-gone years with you. Treasured memories.
    Thank you for the post which brought to mind the good, the bad, and....the unsightly! Yes, some of those pics were taken in my VERY unsightly years. But hey, I wouldn't be who I am today without them! :D Thank you Lord for each formative year, and each formative family member and true friend.
    I am truly a blessed woman.
    An Ever Grateful,
    Anna :)


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